Fantasy Football starters: Who should I go with this week?

With the use of a Flex player, I can start any two of these three: Portis (vs NYG), Cutler (vs NYJ), McFadden (vs KC). Which two should I go with this week?


My other back is Chris Johnson and he already got me a ton of points this week.

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    Cutler and McFadden. KC is terrible and the giants will stop the run like they do every week where as the Jets will also stop the run and are vulnerable to passing game so go with Cutler

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    Portis and Cutler

    Portis is a fantasy stud and is a must start every week, regardless of match up. The Giants are tough, but so is WAS's run attack, and Portis has been a beast for every D this year. I'm curious who you have starting over him at RB already. Unless his name is LT, I can't see who you would start over Portis.

    Cutler will see a lot of mixed D's this week from NYJ. Look for them to make sure Hillis doesn't get a lot of yardage, which should open things up for Marshall and Royal. This should be a better week for the DEN passing attack, and that makes Cutler a safe play.

    McFadden, although proven healthy, is still sharing carries with Fargas. Even though he will see an increased work load this week, a rivalry game with a back that's sharing carries doesn't hold enough water over Cutler and Portis. Don't be mad if McFadden has a good week, but he is not as safe as the other two, who will touch the ball almost every play.

    Cutler and Portis

    Good Luck!

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    portis and cutler

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