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比喻life or dream夢想

Use 暗喻來比喻life or dream夢想!!

Give some words that have the asme rhythm because I need to write a poem!!

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    1) Life is full of pain. God loves you, there is no shame.

    2) Happy moments have gone away. True love is here to stay.

    3) Love hurts me so bad. Life makes me so sad.

    4) Life is a dream. All I see is sun beams.

    5) When love is gone, It is an abandonment.

    When life betrays us, it is a diappointment.

    6) Life is like a rainbow- so colourful yet beautiful.

    7) She often dreams at night, to dream about her Mr right.

    8) Dreams make us see what we can't get in real life.

    Life helps us hear when we wanna hear our loved ones live.

    9) We all have dreams. Don't be a wimp!

    Life is for the brave and for those who craves.

    We pray and we crave.

    It is never late, just go forwards without counting the days.

    10) Dreaming is unlike filming. We cannot decide anything while sleeping.

    Hope that helps.


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    Life is a long and winding road (metaphor暗喻)

    You will feel bore when it is overload

    It is also like movie in which you may feel sad

    But sometimes you may be glad

    Wishing every one can cherish

    to treasure life until it is to perish

    Source(s): me
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