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野柳風景區位在台北縣萬里鄉野柳漁村東北突出的海岬上,早在民國五十三年政府即闢建為風景區,是臺灣著名的旅遊勝地。 早在二千多年前,野柳岬就已慢慢堆積形成,之後經過造山運動推擠和長久的海水侵蝕,原本深埋海底的岩層得以顯露出來,也由於野柳海岸延伸與地層及構造線方向近於垂直,外加東北季風所帶來的波浪侵蝕、岩石風化及地殼運動等地質作用的影響,故野柳風景區的海岸岩石形態奇特罕見,殊稱勝景,在地質景觀、觀光旅遊、地學研究及教育上均具有很高的價值。 在野柳風景區內主要地形景觀有海蝕崖和海蝕平台上的各種風蝕奇岩;海蝕崖是海岸受波浪侵蝕而形成的陡崖,野柳岬上的單面山可看明顯的傾斜沈積岩層。海蝕平台則是在波浪侵蝕岬角等陸地突出部份,自然形成的蕈狀石集中的平坦地,即為隆起的海蝕平台,目前野柳的海蝕平台高出海面二至五公尺,羅列廣佈各種蕈狀石,其中以以「女王頭」奇石聞名海內外。 野柳除了奇形怪狀的蕈狀石外、尚有燭台石和拱狀石、生物化石、薑石、豆腐石、壺穴、風化紋、溶蝕盤、蜂窩岩、瑪玲鳥岩、海蝕洞、海蝕溝、仙女鞋....等奇岩怪石,是一處最豐富的地質地形景觀教室,值得民眾在此慢慢欣賞,並思考其形成的原因,讚嘆大自然之神奇。


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    The wild willow scenery position is on the wild outstanding sea cape of the Northeast of fishing village of willow of ten thousand li of townships of Taipei, the government opened up and built into the scenic spot promptly as far back as the 53rd year of the Republic of China, it was the tourist attraction of the name of Taiwan. As early as more than 2,000 years ago, the wild willow cape has already been piled up and taken shape slowly, later passed the orogenic movement and push and shove and corrode with the permanent sea water, the rock stratum that originally buries the sea floor deeply can come to light , it is almost vertical to extend with the stratum and construct the line direction in the wild willow coast too, and the influence of geologic process , such as Northeastern monsoon wave corroding , rock weathering and crustal movement brought ,etc., so the coast rock form of the wild willow scenic spot is peculiar and rare, very call the wonderful scenery, it is at view not geological, go sightseeing, study it high value very in research and education.

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    The main topographical view has strange rock of various kinds of wind erosion on marine abrasion precipices and marine abrasion platform in the willow scenic spot out of office;

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    Marine abrasion precipice coast corrode wave but cliff that form, wild willow is it can watch obvious slope Shen accumulate rock stratum to face the mountain onlying at the cape.

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    The marine abrasion platform corrodes the land , such as cape ,etc. to stress some in the wave, what the gill fungus form stone formed naturally is concentrated is the marine abrasion platform rising smoothly,

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    the marine abrasion platform of the wild willow is higher than two to five metres of sea at present, enumerate wide various kinds of gill fungus form stones of cloth, among them in order to renowned for strange stone of ' queen's head ' at home and abroad.

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    Besides grotesque gill fungus form stone wild willow, still have stones of candlesticks and join the form stone, biological fossil , Jiang Shi , bean curd stone , pot cave , weathering line , corrosion one , honeycomb rock , rock of bird of tinkling of pieces of jade of agate ,

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    marine abrasion hole , marine abrasion ditch , fairy maiden's shoes ....Waits for strange rock and spectacular rocky peak, it is a most abundant topographical view classroom of geology,

    2008-11-29 01:20:21 補充:

    worth people's appreciating slowly here, and ponder over its reason formed , highly praise the mystery of the nature.

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    of the Northeast of fishing village of willow of ten thousand li of townships of Taipei ==> 太多 of

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    關於這個小弟程度不夠怕翻得不好, 但是"小猴子"網友的翻譯我建議發問者可以不用看了. 因為居然連翻譯台灣地名都不知道用羅馬拼音, 居然還是直接翻譯字面意思, 這樣的話給外國人看絕對會看不懂的.

    第一位網友的翻譯挺不錯的, 最後那位提供網址的也不錯


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    Yehliu scenic spot in Wanli Township, Taipei County Yehliu fishing village northeast of Cape outstanding, as early as 53 years in government that is built for the scenic area, Taiwan is well-known tourist destination. As early as more than 2000 years ago, Cape Yehliu had piled up to form slowly, after pushing through orogeny and water erosion for a long time, the deep seabed of the original rock to reveal themselves because of Yehliu coast line with the formation and structure Near-vertical direction, along with the northeast monsoon brought about by the wave erosion, weathering of rocks and earth movement, such as the geological implications, the scenic coastal rock Yehliu peculiar form of a rare, is that scenic spots in the geological landscape, sightseeing, and Research and education are of high value. Yehliu in the scenic landscape topography, the major sea cliffs and wave-cut platforms on a variety of wind erosion of rocks; coastal sea cliffs are formed by wave erosion of the cliffs, on the one side misaki Yehliu Hill can see the obvious tilt sedimentary rock layers. Wave-cut platform is the wave erosion of the headland, and other prominent part of the land, natural stone mushroom concentrate on the smooth, wave-cut platform is the uplift of the current Yehliu wave-cut platform above the surface of 2-5 meters are set out in a widespread A variety of mushroom-shaped stone, with "the Queen's head" well-known stones at home and abroad. Yehliu in addition to the strangely shaped stone mushroom, there are candelabra-shaped stone arches and stone, fossils, stone ginger, bean curd stone, caves, weathering patterns, the solution set, cellular rock, Ma Yan-ling, birds, sea caves, sea trenches, Fairy shoes and so on .... rocks rocks is a most abundant geological terrain landscape classrooms, worthy of the people here appreciate slowly, and thinking about the reasons for its formation, praised the magic of nature.


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