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可以幫我翻譯下面這段有關醫學方面的文章 請幫我通順句子

因為我翻譯後我看不懂 謝謝


when providing patient-family teaching, focus on sensory information,avoid giving excessive information, and initiate a visiting nurse referral for necessary follow-up monitoring of postoperative patients. include verbal and written information about the following:

●notifying health care provider if the following indicators of recurrent biliary obstruction occur:dark urine, pruritus, jaundice, clay-colored stools. inform patient that loose stools may occur for several months as the body adjusts to the continuous flow of blie.

●medications, including drug name, dosage, schedule, purpose, precautions, and potential side effects. also discuss drug/drug, food/drug, and herb/drug interactions.

●care of dressings and tubes if patient is discharged with them, and monitoring of incision and drain sites for signs of infection (e.g., fever, persistent redness, paun, purulent discharge, swelling, increased local warmth).

●importance of maintaining a diet low in fat and eating frequent, small meals for medically managed patients.

●importance of follow-up appointments with health care provider; reconfirm time and date of next appointment.

●avoiding alcoholic beverages during first 2 postoperative months to minimize risk of pancreatic involvement.

●necessity of postsurgical activity precautions: avoid lifting heavy objects(more than 10 lb) for first 4-6 wk or as directed, rest after periods of fatigue, get maximum amounts of rest, and gradually increase activities to tolerance. postsurgical patients may experience fatty food intolerance(e.g., flatulence, cramps,diarrhea) for several months postoperatively until the body acclimates to loss of the gallbladder.

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    ,當提供患者家庭教學,焦點在敏感消息時,避免提供過份信息,并且創始上門服務護士提及為手術後患者必要的後續監視。 包括關於以下的口頭和書面信息:

    ●notifying的提供保健服務者,如果週期性膽汁阻礙以下顯示發生:黑暗的尿,瘙痒,黃疸,黏土上色了凳子。 通知患者寬鬆凳子也許發生在幾個月,當身體對blie持續流調整。

    ●medications,包括藥物名字、劑量、日程表、目的、防備措施和潛在的副作用。 也談論藥物或服麻醉劑,食物或藥物和草本或藥物互作用。




    手術後活動防備措施●necessity : 避免舉重的對象(超過10磅)前4-6星期或如被指揮,在疲勞以後的期間休息,得到最大金額休息,在疲勞以後的期間休息,得到最大金額休息和逐漸增加活動到容忍。 手術後患者也許體驗多脂食物不寬容(即,腸胃氣脹、抽瘋,腹瀉)手術後幾個月,直到身體順應到膽囊的損失。


    照原文翻譯 有的術語看不懂 不好意思

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