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    Mr. Torture 拷問先生

    Welcome to the torture chamber 歡迎到拷問室

    Said the sign above the entrance 入口上方的招牌這麼說

    Laughing as he taked you by the hand 當他手拉著你笑

    Looking like a maniac savage 像是發狂的野人

    Inside you can sense the anguish 你的內心感覺極度的痛苦

    Theatre of pain has just begun 痛苦的戲剛開始

    #Mr. Torture gives pain 拷問先生帶來痛苦

    With his whips and his chains 用他的鞭子和鏈條

    He knows just what you crave 他知道你渴望獲得的

    @Mr. Torture 拷問先生

    If you're feeling alone 如果你感覺寂寞

    Then just pick up your phone 只要拿起你的電話

    Dial 18 double 0 Mr. Torture 打 1800 拷問先生

    Mr. Torture sells pain 拷問先生販賣痛苦

    Only sixty sents a minute 只有六十送一分鐘

    For his special brand of sinning 他特殊罪惡的招牌

    Phone guaranteed to blow your mind 電話保證精神上的打擊

    You can catch him on the website 你可以在網站上撞見他

    Has a live chat every weeknight 每週晚上有線上聊天室

    Cyber-torture soon coming your way 網路拷問很快就來了

    Mr. Torture sells pain 拷問先生販賣痛苦

    To the housewives in Spain 到西班牙的妻子

    He knows just what they crave 他知道這只是他們渴望獲得的

    Repeat @

    Mr. Torture sells pain 拷問先生販賣痛苦

    Handcuffed, bound, chained, and blinded 手銬、繩子、鏈條、眼罩

    Body, soul, and mind ignited 身體、靈魂和燃燒精神

    Every sense is torn and ripped apart 每次感覺折磨和撕裂

    He's been banned in twenty countries 他已經在二十個國家被禁止

    Though he does it for money 雖然他是為了錢做

    He gets pleasure from hearing you scream


    Repeat #@

    Mr. Torture 拷問先生

    Mr. Torture sells pain 拷問先生販賣痛苦

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