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我要做報告 需要中翻英

請幫幫我 很急 這幾天就要了



謝謝你 我參考看看


我有用網路翻譯 可是被退件

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    Set up a bronze statue in second district of willow out of office, a hero sacrificing oneself for life-saving, he lets the forest add hardwoods. Add hardwoods in a contingency in the forest , because come out boldly to rescue a visitor dropping in the sea , but unfortunate sacrifice oneself. Before dying in an accident unfortunately, he had already successively got up four times and left the people in the sea carelessly. He is ten thousand li , wild hero in the hearts of people of willow. Because moved by his sentiment, then the bronze statue erecting him in the place taking place in accident, taken place in the 53rd year of the Republic of China by descendant's eternal respect and admire thing, it is the pedlar selling the cold water in the scenic spot to add hardwoods in the forest at that time, the fisherman who is recorded is his groundwork that the inscription on a tablet is had, but it is because the weather is not good to sell the cold water, the one that hold a part-time job and subsidize the family expenses. Tourists of several overseas Chinese (students ) took pictures at the bank near fairy maiden's shoes that day, one of them according to person,because not carelessly it is among sea since slip drop,in by forest last hardwood, regardless of the weather to split malicously and one's own security, enter the water and rescue people courageously; Rescue some still unable to save student, but forest add auspicious to is it swallow up to give one billow too (is it get to submerged reef to wash billow), therefore get killed .

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    Yehliu in the second of a bronze statue of the legislation in the region, sacrificed their lives to save a hero, he called Lin-ching. Lin Tien-ching in the first accident, to come forward because of a drop in the sea to rescue the tourists, but unfortunately at the expense of their own. In the unfortunate death of the former, he has on four occasions from inadvertently into the sea. He is thousands of miles, Yehliu hero in the hearts of people. As a result of his character moved, so in the accident, which took place since the erection of his statue, by the later generations will always admire the incident in 1964, when Lin Tien-ching in scenic areas where the hawkers selling cold water, the inscription on the record The fisherman is his main job, and the cold water is sold as a result of poor weather conditions, family income of part-time. There are several day overseas tourists (students) in the shoe fairy shore near the camera, which was as a person, as a result of accidentally falling and falling in the sea, next to the Lin-ching, despite bad weather and split their own safety, courageously into the water Rescue; After a series of emergency treatment can not be rescued students, and Lin Zhen is also a big wave to engulf (hit by strong waves washed reefs), and thus died.


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