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The Russians are once again in our backyard. They are setting Venezuela up with nuclear weapons and have?

initiated talks again with Cuba. Obviously they understand the weaknesseses of the Liberals and Democrats and intend to take full advantage of those weaknesses. The Russians, if not removed from our backyard today will be on our doorsteps tomorrow. Kennedy knew that and shut them out of Cuba once their plans were unveiled. In the past, anytime a South American President/Prime Minister initiated activities which are detrimental to the interests of the United States we have consistently used force to remove them or to cause their downfall. Do you think Obama and the Liberals will be willing to put a Socialist country like Venezuela in check or will they wait until the missiles there are in place and pointing in our direction? Chavez has stated that he has every intention to do that and has been spending billions of his oil money with the Russians for that purpose.


It is very obvious from the first respondents that you know very little about Russia, Cuba or South America.

Update 2:

@ acablue - Yes, and the Greeks were tired and returning to their ships to leave Troy and as a final jesture built a nice Trojan Horse as a gift to the gullible people of Troy. You know nothing sir, except the propaganda being produced by Socialist Liberals. But that's okay, relax, be merry.

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    You are very right to be worried.

    The last Democrat to do anything constructive in Latin America was JFK with his Alliance for Progress.

    Since then, it's been all downhill every time we've had a Democrat in the White House.

    Carter gave away the Panama Canal and openly aided the Sandinista Rebels in Nicaragua, leading to a Marxist government in that country and neighboring nations.

    The Speaker of the House Jim Wright and other Democratic Members of Congress, including Senator Chris Dodd, were aiding them and cutting off assistance to rebel forces.

    Clinton ignored Latin America, naming his childhood friend Mac McLarty as his envoy but McLarty never bothered with it.

    Carter got into the act again - certifying Chavez's election in Venezuela.

    He's has monitored "fair" elections in many Latin American countries now controlled by dictators.

    The current Democratic Congress refuses to ratify outstanding trade treaties, especially the pact with Columbia, our strongest ally, leading to high tariffs on US goods to that country which harms our exports.

    Obama and Congress want to renegotiate NAFTA which will harm all of our allies in the region which desperately need trade with the US.

    Obama has never been to Latin America, doesn't know any of the leaders, and seems completely unaware of the importance of the region.

    Biden has never shown any interest in it. Ever.

    The Russians, Chinese, and Iranians are active in the region, selling arms and supporting several countries with loans and other assistance.

    This is a THREAT on our doorstep.

    The Russians flew training missions with long-range nuclear-capable TU-160 bombers this summer out of Venezuelan air force bases.

    Chavez said that it was a signal to the US that they were no longer dominant in the region.

    These bombers can reach our shores.

    They were accompanied from Russia to Venezuela by NATO fighter planes.

    On the way home they flew more training exercises off the East Coast of the US and Canada - another NATO ally.

    The Chinese visited Cuba last week to check on the status of their investments. They have begun oil explorations just off the territorial waters of the US and Florida.

    China is selling arms to Cuba.

    Yes, Russia, China, and Iran are flexing their muscles in Latin America.

    Another Democratic Administration.

    They all remember their history - even if Americans don't.

    We have much to fear.

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    My Lord! Do you want to start with the old Cold War BS again?

    Hugo Chavez is a small time, economically-illiterate dictator who will not last long now that the price of oil in around $50 and headed south. He will be a footnote in history before we know it. Just look at where Venezuela was when the oil price was $150 and extrapolate what must be going on now.

    Russia now only has half the number of people that the United States has, a miserable economy, many unfriendly neighbors, and is suffering from a serious inferiority complex. Their only claim to any kind of fame is that they have nuclear weapons. So does Pakistan. They could not even afford to keep propping up Cuba!

    So let the children play their games! Do we really give a damn what Chavez says? He is a talker who will very soon (and unlamentedly) be gone. Just swat the flies with whatever happens to be handy. They are flies and nothing more, regardless of what they say. Talk is cheap --- it takes money to buy whiskey!

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    Actually, Cuba was in response for our pushing for missiles in Turkey that could hit Russia. People make a big deal how Kennedy drove Russia out of Cuba but never mention that in return we kept our missiles out of Turkey.

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the proposed European missile shield?

  • I do not know all the data on this one but I for one do not want their missiles pointed at us. I suspect President elect Obama will do fine, he is a new president and when he takes office, he will be tested in many ways. Democrat or Republican, the protection of our country is at the top. Good question

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    People think the Cold War ended. Far from it. The communists never went away. They are still strong in the Russian government. It's coming back to the surface. And it is spreading to the third world. People better open their eyes.Obama et al will not do it. There just a group of peacnik socialists about to put the blinders on America. Democrats today don't have 1/4 of the cojones of even JFK. Even less than Reagan.

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    Russia is playing of game of chess. We want to set the missle defense shield in Poland. A neighboring country to Russia. So therefore they will step into our backyard. Hitler didnt invade Europe because they were liberals. He had an agenda. Same with Russia. Paranoid righties.

  • Unfortunately USA started it. Covertly supporting Georgia in a proxywar. And nato has basically comprimised Russia's Western nuclear deterant with missle defense systems along the Polish corridor. Seems like everyone forgot that N. Korea even exists too.

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    The Bible is the ONLY prophetic book with a 100% track record!! In the Book of Revelation, the good ol' USA isn't even a player. But the Russians are.

    (They are referred to as GOG and MAGOG). Just another part of the script falling into place. Wouldn't surprize me if they aren't being put there for one world order takeover when we fall economically.

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    I thought the same thing when I heard this on the news. I do believe that America's enemies look at O as being weak. God help us all.

    "Peace is the gift of life.

    War is the keeper of peace.

    Sometimes we must keep the Peace."

    -Saying Among the Sioux

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    So what are you proposing, oh mighty Republican? You neocons have a plan? Is it to invade Russia? Maybe we should bomb Venezuela and dominate them so they don't go for it?

    If Bush hadn't destroyed our alliances and image in the world, maybe things would be better off.

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