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Who's the manufacturer?

Do anyone know who's the manufacturer for the brand MEGA? My brother bought an HDTV the brand is MEGA, the salesperson said the manufacturer is Samsung, is this true?

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    NO. those World brand manufacturer never accept OEM. may be this unit are using Samsung LCD panel. the LCD panel is make by Samsung . As Samsung in one of the main LCD panel maker in the world ! I very sure MEGA TV is not make by Samsung. even LG. there is few small electronics company in Korea , more than 10 in China / HK , few in Taiwan /Malaysia / Thailand accept OEM TV product. those are second brand. like Japan FUNAI and ORION ( they supply many OEM brands from Thailand/China factory. ** Samsung/LG/Philips/Sony/Panasonic/JVC/Sharp/Hitachi/Toshiba ,never make for other brand,Sanyo make only for Fisher-Pankey . but some OEM brands may use Samsung/Sharp/LG-Philips JV / Hitachi / Toshiba-Matsushita JV LCD panel. if you open the TV back cover, you can see they trade mark on the LCD panel , but they only supply as Spare-parts, not the Manufacturer for that TV.

    Source(s): I work for TV manufacturer around 20 years .
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