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I think i have asperger's?

So lately ive been reading up on Aspergers and i believe i have it because i match the symptoms and ive always felt different than my surrounding peers and have had a lack of interest in them. i also am very interested in surfing and can spend over 6 hours in the ocean surfing at a time, i also have daily rituals i take part in every day and find myself in a weird mood if i havent done so.

Im trying to get some feedback from someone who is somewhat knowledgeable on this topic any help is appreciated though.

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    My little brother has Asperger's Syndrome. He has a moderate to severe case, so I am very familiar with all the symptoms and attributes that come along with AS.

    No one here is going to be able to tell you definitively whether or not you have Asperger's, but there are some signs that are pretty standard from case to case.

    -Do you have a keen interest in mechanical things like trains, cars, computers, or other machines?

    -Do you have trouble reading people's emotions based off their facial expressions? That is to say, do you find yourself asking people "Are you mad at me?" or "Is something wrong?" or "Was that funny?" a lot because you aren't sure what they're thinking?

    -When you were a child, did you tend to sleep with hard plastic or metal toys like toy trains or robots or action figures rather than teddy bears or soft plush toys?

    -Do you have trouble making eye contact with people when you talk to them? Does direct eye contact make you feel uncomfortable?

    -Do you often feel as though your senses are turned up to 11? Like sounds are all too loud, smells are too strong, colors are too bright? Do you have trouble concentrating in noisy restaurants, to the point of distraction and visible upset?

    These are just some of the signs of Asperger's. It's by no means a complete list. But if you answered yes to all of those, you might want to get checked out by a psychiatrist. Actually, you might want to go and see a psychiatrist anyway just to put your mind at ease. It's a difficult diagnosis to make, and you should prepare for lots of occupational therapy type testing and IQ tests and things like that because they will need all that information to try to determine if you have Asperger's.

    The bright side is that if you DO have it, it's a perfectly liveable syndrome. You've been living with it all this time and you're just fine, right? So you don't have to get bogged down and think that you won't be able to live your life normally or that you aren't "normal" just because you have Asperger's. *IF* you do have it.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I've spent 17 years living with my brother, who has moderate to severe Asperger's Syndrome. I also wrote a 35 page paper on Asperger's Syndrome for my graduate school education class in 2004.
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    I Think I Have Aspergers

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    I just want to let you know that it's pretty common and known that there's so many kids who think they have asperger's without a proper diagnosis. Also, thinking it means nothing without getting diagnosed, so although you're asking on here, it won't help at all, because once you leave the computer, there's no way you can say you have asperger's. People go to college for many years to become psychologists, so don't think that it's that easy to just diagnose yourself. Also, if you know who the famous girl 'Genie' was, well, she was a 'feral child' who was locked in her house for 12 years. When her mother ran away with her finally after the father had been the abuser, a person in some welfare office (not sure) suspected something wrong, and that's when they found out about ehr case. She could not talk except for certain words like 'stopit' and she walked funny. They suspected she might've had autism, but ruled it out eventually.

    The point is that someone with very similar traits to autism, and obviously very peculiar with something wrong with her was ruled out with autism, so you shouldn't underestimate the diagnosis process. Also, I think people with autism or asperger's have different ways of thinking, and use different parts of the brain. Stuff that you will not be able to tell on your own can help decide what you have, so don't rely solely on just the symptoms you read.

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    Discuss this with your doctor. If you're young, there may be therapies that will help. And at least knowing you have it while you're young will help, too.

    I've also been reading about aspergers and think I may have it as well. My problem is that I'm over 40. I'd kill to have known 20 years earlier.

    Passive, stilted around new people, prone to ritual, etc. Watch the movie Crumb, a documentary about underground cartoon artist Robert Crumb. Nobody uses the word aspergers but they discuss his problems. Definite aspergers. Charles Schultz is another one, I think.

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    With aspergers, you cant or have a very difficult time understanding emotions and others feelings. You just sound unsocial.

    Source(s): My cousin has this autism
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    Do you know what is expected socially?

    Do you know what mood someone is in?

    Say for example, you have a conversation. You constantly cut your friend off, and they get sad and disinterested in talking anymore. would you realize this and apologize.

    do you know the social ques?

    or are you instead, highly intelligent, especially in your interests, and even book smart...but socially you are greatly lacking?

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    Take that quiz. It is very detailed but NOT officially diagnostic, but it should help you figure out if you should look into this more. If you are still concerned, take your results to a doctor.

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    You definitely show signs of obsessive-compulsive behavior, but if you want a professional diagnosis, you should see a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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    It doesn't really sound like it. But I need to know a lot more about you.

    Source(s): My son has autism.
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    my friend has that, she will seriously freak out if things are new, or out of routine. I don't think you have it, but go to a doc. and check anyway.

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