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Who are the advisors Obama chose for his cabinet?

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    President-elect Barack Obama's picks thus far are experienced, capable, smart and pragmatic. Those adjectives apply to New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (State Department), Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security), former deputy attorney general Eric Holder (Justice), former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle (Health and Human Services) and -- the most recent leakees -- Timothy F. Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Treasury), and retired Marine Gen. James L. Jones (national security adviser).

    The assemblage so far also is diverse, and in the most gratifying way, which is to say, in a way that seems naturally occurring: No one can look at any of these selections and think that gender or race was the driving factor in the selection. The reported selection of Congressional Budget Office Director Peter R. Orszag to what could be Washington's most thankless task, heading the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in an era of soaring deficits, is a good sign, as is the reappearance of Jacob Lew, OMB director in the Clinton administration, at the National Economic Council. A common thread among most of these selections is a deep understanding of the legislative process and congressional players.

    A striking, and somewhat unexpected, element of Mr. Obama's choices is a degree of risk-taking and boldness. Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff is a smart but edgy pick. The will-she-won't-she Clinton soap opera suggests a tolerance for drama in the service of an all-star Cabinet. Likewise, the selection of Mr. Holder was bound to dredge up some unpleasant memories of the sordid flurry of pardons at the end of the Clinton administration; Mr. Obama's calculation that Mr. Holder's presence at Justice was worth the price of revisiting that scandal reflects a willingness to take some flak for the nominee he wants.

    Some critics are unhappy about the number of Clinton administration veterans -- the derogatory word is retreads -- in the new administration. As we've said before, we have no sympathy for this complaint. The best thing the new administration has going for it in comparison to the last Democratic president is the amount of executive branch experience it has to call on. Mr. Obama's willingness to do that and to bring on board those who supported his chief rival -- indeed, to enlist his chief rival herself -- underscores his own confidence.

    One missing piece is the promised bipartisanship, although retaining Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates would address that concern. Another selection that will merit scrutiny is Mr. Obama's education secretary: Will the choice reflect his stated commitment to reform? Will it be someone with hands-on experience in education and a proven willingness to experiment? While the new president's attention is understandably focused on the economy, not to mention the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it's critical to have someone who comes to the education post with those credentials.

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    The extreme left and Clinton's people for the most part,no change politics as usual.

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    you can read all the advisors on the website,

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    1. His friends and those who rubbed his shoulders well.

    2. The semi private corporation that tells you how much your money is worth. It's really not worth a damn in this sill fiat currency system.

    3. Democractic presidential candidates who failed to say CHANGE and wave their magic socialist wand.

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    Yeah. surprising. that's the only reason he chosen them: basketball. Presidents choose those whose suggestion he trusts and who've the mandatory expertise and historic past to hold the placement. yet you comprehend that. you purely decide to be obnoxious approximately President Obama, like something of you Obama bashers. recover from it; the guy's going to be President for a minimum of the subsequent 4 years. Who chosen Bush's cabinet? likely Dick Cheney, alongside with whoever gave the main funds to Bush's marketing campaign. Edit: Alex, super, that's purely what we desire: election campaigns for cabinet individuals. as though the commonplace public is common with something approximately that. The President desires people who will supply him honest and good suggestion with out annoying approximately getting re-elected. a lot of Bush's cabinet individuals, alongside with a minimum of one splendid courtroom justice, went looking at the same time. Does that by some potential make you sense greater advantageous than in the event that they performed basketball? Edit: Duh. i do no longer dispute that President Obama stated it. i'm saying which you're incorrect in case you think of he used basketball potential as his standards for determining on his cabinet. easily you're no longer stupid sufficient to have faith that; i might desire to have misunderstood you. possibly your comprehension skills are not what they might desire to be. Does Hillary play basketball? She's the optimum-score cabinet member, so via your logic, she might desire to be the terrific participant. you're purely no longer familiar with a President who could make relaxing feedback and communicate in complete sentences. dangle in there; you will get used to it. BTW, the cabinet does not set the fee variety. that's Congress' job, and that they are elected. particularly, you heard basketball and went off on a wild tangent.

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