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My question is about DVD-R, and DVD+R!?

Ok here's my question, what's the different between DVD+R, and DVD-R? Please and thank you!

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    DVD-R created by the DVD Forum

    DVD+R created by the DVD+RW Alliance

    To the naked eye, both operate almost exactly the same. However, on the technical level, a DVD-R is 4,707,319,808 bytes and a DVD+R is 4,700,372,992 bytes. In GB (GigaBytes) - measured in decimal - the total for both is 4.7GB. In GiB (GibiBytes or Giga Binary Bytes) - measured in binary the way computer storage is supposed to be - the DVD-R (2,298,496 sectors) is 4.384GiB and the DVD+R is 4.378GiB (2,295,104 sectors of 2048 bytes each). The difference is only slight and there would be no difference in quality.

    The primary thing is to make sure the final drive the disc is going to be used on is compatible with the DVD you're using. There is a bigger difference between DVD-RW and +RW.

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