What do you think about this video in which he states there shouldn't be Black History Month?

I actually agree with Morgan Freeman. I liked how he put in in a different perspective. See for yourself. I really like Morgan Freeman. :) He's pretty good looking for a 71 year old.

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    I respect Morgan Freeman but I couldn't disagree more. The problem is if we don't speak for ourselves who will? Are we to trust education system to include our contributions to America with equity? Do you think the current education system will illustrate the same historical value of Malcolm X, Nat Turner and Marcus Garvey to Black people as Dr King, Harriet Tubman and George W. Carver? Absolutely not. How can we possibly expect someone to tell our story better then we can? It may not be necessary to have a Black history month per say or for other people to celebrate it but Black history is necessary.

    Black history is not just the history of Black Americans. We didn't just appear out of no where as slaves. Black people were the first civilized people on earth 1000's of years ago. To just forget about that and all the history of our people world wide is a set up to repeat the tragedies that happened to us over again. No one else has to value Black history. Black history is not meant for other to know our story. Black history is for us to remember and honor our ancestors. It's that simple.

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    I agree with him.

    I also believe black history month should be scrapped.

    What's the point of it? Is every white person or every individual that belongs to a race non black interested in black history? Why do we need a whole month about black history? If i'm really interested in black history, i can go to a library and grab a book and read about it. Black history month shouldn't be a subject that every individual must know about, some people actually get upset in knowing their true history, some even end up becoming racists.

    This also makes me as a black man feeling like an inferior being. Why do i get such privileges? It's as if i was disabled and the government motivates me by giving me extra attention. I'm not saying that black history month is pointless but i think it should end right now.

    p.s. White people will be minority by 2040. What will happen then to us blacks? Are we still going to be treated as minority?

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    I would prefer black history be incorporated with American History in general, instead of a handful of the same black people "highlighted" in a 28 (sometimes 29) day period. It's so fake, people aren't genuine and forcing them to recognize people shouldn't be necessary.

    As a kid, EVERY DAY was black history day. And it didn't have to be said. I learned about what blacks have done/invented/innovated/accomplished through my parents and many, many books on my own.

    And I love Morgan Freeman, I'm just sad he ran out on his wife with an ugly, fat woman and got into a car crash. I'll get over it eventually.

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    I disagree with him. Racism does not derive from people noticing that someone looks different from themselves. This is a naive notion at best, and in its fundamental logic it is saying that no nationality no longer present on Earth would equate to a Global Utopia of no more wars or famine, or no more identification with one's religion equating to all Religions being equally authentic (Is Zeus equally authentic as Jesus?). More so, Racism derives from either lack of education, or to put it more frankly, the individual's attitudes themselves. I believe we have entered a phase where we no longer blame individuals for their actions; we always blame the "category" they fall under. Such is exemplified with the masses blaming Islam for the acts terrorists do, with this allowing terrorists to go scott-free from any blame over their heads and the blame is then directed towards innocent and law-abiding Muslims facing the brunt of ruthless ill-prescribed stereotypes and judgments.

    If anything, Morgan Freeman is a criminal's best wish. Why, should I murder an individual I may as well claim the Devil forced me to do it. Or would it be more "logical" to assume that the only person who coerced himself into murdering another fellow human being was myself.

    I would also like to ask him, should "Black History Month" be incorporated into "American history", does he honestly believe the education system will emphasize it as much as modern-day American history? Will my children (I'm no parent, but hypothetically) learn just as much about Martin Luther King and Malcolm X as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln? The reason there is a Black History Month illustrates the disparity and deep-rooted divide between the perception that one's history is more important than another. It's the same with how, or so I've heard, that corporations have "quotas" to have to abide to take in Black and Female individuals. This quota illustrates that corporations nationwide can not be trusted in having a diverse workforce, and so the government has to intervene just to amend things. This isn't right at all, and in an ideal world corporations would judge on the basis of merit rather than colour. We are in no ideal world however.

    Good question though~

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    I love Morgan Freeman and I do agree with him.

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    I agree. I think it is stupid and condescending to spend one month of the year--the shortest month of the year--talking about how black people have made contributions to this country. I think the same can and should be said about all races and some point, we run out of days and months to celebrate each particular group of people.....and it completely dismisses the point that black people and black history have always been a part of the American story.....not just in February.

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    The man speaks the truth!

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    im happy to see that. i also appreciated bill cosbys speech. its very true what the both of them had to say and i think that it takes a lot of balls to stand up and say those things when majority of the community doesnt want to hear about it. bill cosby became hated for what he said-which isnt fair-bcuz he was right. instead of listening and making changes--they continued doing the same thing.

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