Do you think its weird for a 7th grade girl to date a sophomore guy?


it's not me, eewwww.

It's my friend.

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    yes because all he wants you for is that ONE THING every guy in highschool tries to get.

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    1 decade ago

    yes. im sorry if thats not that answer you want to hear, but is isnt appropriate. u may think its only a 3 or 4 year difference, but middle school and high school are two completely different worlds, in which people dramatically mature and change. The older you get, the less age matters, but as a.. 13 or 14 year old? every year brings changes. as a junior girl, trust me, some one that much older than you wouldnt b interested in a 7th grader if it wasnt for one thing. hope this helped.and if you do decide to date him, justbe careful and dont fall for any bullshit

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    yes i personally think a seventh grader shouldn't be dating a high school student. i don't think a sophomore should be dating a 7th grader they are two different kinds of people high school students are generally more mature and shouldn't be involved with younger people if it was only like a one or at most two year difference i wouldn't think it would be that bad but i think it isn't right for a 7th and 10th grader to date

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  • 1 decade ago

    if the 7th grader isn't immature, then no.

    as a seventh grader I was 12 and I looked at older guys.

    but... if it's an average naive 7th grader dating a sophomore that should be at least somewhat smart, then I guess.

    not just because of the grades but because of the difference in intelligence within age.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think not only it is wrong for a 7th grader to date a 15 year old but it is also wrong for people dating at 11 or 12! You people try to act old but you become more childish. Tell her she's a slut.

  • 4 years ago

    Be truly careful with the age component. in spite of the shown fact that this is barely 4 years, because of the fact which you're the two so youthful, the version is a lot extra signifiant. previous 18, 4 years isn't something. once you turn 18, you could't do very lots along with her, till her mum and dad approve of you. because of the fact of her youthful age, you could ask her out, yet do no longer do something extra effective than confer along with her, shelter her, hug her, carry her hand, and kisses on the cheek. If those obstacles are too narrow for you, hit upon a female your guy or woman age. while you're pleased with the obstacles, then tell her the form you sense. If it works and additionally you're mutually, follow the regulations I stated till she's around previous due 13 to fourteen age (in case you adult males final that long. i do no longer say if to place the two of you down, yet as you're youthful, your needs will substitute), then you somewhat can kiss her on the lips. around sixteen+ if she's matured, you're able to do extra. (I lost my virginity at sixteen, and in spite of the shown fact that I sense sorry approximately it, i don't sense i replaced into too youthful. in basic terms be risk-free.) might intend to make effective your ultimate pal is pleased with this too. stable success, this is a no longer undemanding concern. desire you eventually finally end up happy.

  • a 12/13 year old with a 15/16 year old? YES

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    O.o Just a little.

    a 7th grader would be like 12 or 13.

    and a sophomore would be like 15-16.


  • 1 decade ago

    God yes. A 16 year old boy should not be dating a 12 year old girl.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think the 7th grader's dad would probably kill the sophomore boy for dating his daughter.

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