guys thirteen to fifteen..... songs that you like? ?

not exactly love songs, just something i could use to tell him how i feel.... i want to give him a cd with a note (suggestions on what to write on the note would be good too.....) here are a few songs i've come up with

hillary duff -with love

chris brown- with you

david archuleta- crush

avril lavigne-- innocence (i can play this on the piano, was thinking about recording it with a friend of mine singing it, (i cant sing) but i'm gonna need help with how to record it and how to put it on the cd, if you know how please tell me)

i need more songs, if you dont like any of these please offer suggestions, and for the record here's our relationship; we're aquaitances we talk at least nce a day though, i think he likes me, i like him a lot, he's a little more popular than me.... not much though, if i said hi to his best bud, he'd say hi back, it's not like hed be thinking "why is this dork talking to me?" he'd probably be thinking "that's wierd, she never talks to me..." or something like that........ he doesnt know i like him, but i want to change that....

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    1 decade ago
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    !!!!! Song would be perfect

    Your Call- Secondhand Serenade

    So Much Love- The Rocket Summer

    Forever- Chris Brown!!!!

    7things- Miley Cyrus (MAYBE)

    Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis

    The Game of Love- Santana ft. Michelle Branch

    I Caught Fire(In Your Eyes)- The used!!!!

    If we were a movie- Hannah Montana LOL

    Hello Beautiful- Jonas Brothers

    Love Bug- Jonas Brothers

    Love is a Battlefield- Pat Bentar (if could be ur theme song for all of this

    No Air- Jordan Sparks!!!!! (that would soooo work!!)

    Oh, It is Love- Hellogoodbye

    Here in your arms- Hellogoodbye

    Closer- Ne-yo!!!!

    See You Again- Miley Cyrus!!!!

    Stay My Baby- Miranda Cosgrove

    Suddenly I See- K.T. Tunstall

    The Way We Talk- The Maine

    Burning Up- Jonas Brothers!!!!!!1

    Got me going crazy- jonas brothers

    have fun xoxoxox

  • 1 decade ago

    Wow, your question is difficult to approach on so many levels.

    I am the mother of a teen-aged boy.

    First, the songs you mentioned are what my son calls, "chick songs".

    They're not the kind of music that most teen-aged boys like.

    Second, teen-aged boys don't think the way teen-aged girls think.

    Most teen-aged boys don't listen to the lyrics for a deeper message.

    Lyrics are just lyrics.

    Third, giving a personal gift, with you playing piano and singing, might scare off some teen-aged boys because they might interpret the gift as a clue that you want to get more serious in your relationship. If he doesn't want to get more serious, he might start avoiding you.

    But if you insist, here's a list of some of the softer songs off my son's iTunes:

    Wings of a Butterfly by Him

    Back on the Radio by Hiss

    Hit by a Cement Mixer by Ninjaspy

    Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace

    Born Like This by Three Days Grace

    Wicked Game by Three Days Grace

    All My Friends Are Dead by Turbonegro

    Source(s): Mom of a teen-aged boy.
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