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How many times can I use DVD-RW?

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I bought this dvd-rw disk and I was just wondering how many times can i write it all over?Thanks.
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Apparently, a DVD-RW can be re-written several thousand times before it fails. I am not sure why manufacturer's don't say this on the label.

Let's say that you recorded a daily TV show and viewed it later that day, only to record over it again the next day. That would be 365 such rewrites during a year. Let us assume that you did not remove that disk from the drive, so it was never handled. That means that your disk would remain clean, and repeat the re-recording for 15 years or more.

But you see, handling a DVD-RW is the hard part. If you removed it from the recorder all the time, fingerprints would eventually ruin it.

Good luck.
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  • midhun t answered 6 years ago
    actually it depends upon your usage. if you write the dvd-rw at a low writing speed it will work upto 100 times or more and second thing is that you should not erase your dvd until the data in it is full bcoz when you use 1gb-2gb of disk space in the dvd then 2 gb of space is still available then erasing the data will erase the whole dvd which will result in loss of its protection layer so erase a dvd when it reaches 3.5gb or more ok then you can use your dvd-rw very well upto 100 or more
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  • Max answered 6 years ago
    They claim, indefinitely. In practice, trying to add more info to a disc that has already bean written to doesn't work. It's cheaper and easier to just buy another discs. They are very cheap these days, and there really is no need to screw around with it.
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  • How many times can I use DVD-RW?
    I bought this dvd-rw disk and I was just wondering how many times can i write it all over?Thanks.
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