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1. What do puppies eat? How many times a day?

2. Where do puppies live?

3. How do puppies give birth?

4.What toys do the puppies usually play with?


5. How can puppies help people?

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    1. you can feed them with tiny dog food which you can buy from the pet shops and they will indicate which are for puppies.

    Feed them 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner

    2. you can put them into a cage if necessary but most of the time u can let them walk around.

    3. they do the same thing as human beings do and they bite the 臍帶of the babies themselves! so clever!

    4. you can buy a doll with similar size of them and put the doll in the cage to accompany them. they feel safe with it!

    hope they help : )

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