CD-R burning problem?

im not sure if i just have a bad batch of CDs but i got some Sony CD-R but my computer isnt reading them ive try a fue difrent burning programs but cant seem to get them to work, got any ideas?

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    1 decade ago
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    that sounds really wired sony is top of the line CD-R's you might need a new CD drive or just a update

    first go here:

    the go to custom (you may need to allow active x first or something)

    go to optional, hardware and install anything in there (except any d-link drivers) (do software to if you like or any others) then near the top click install updates when done restart and try again you may also want to get a program like nero this might fix it you can buy it here: or download a trial off my site: (scroll down a bit its on there) if you need a registration code contact me ( ) another thing is you may have a virus AVG will do the trick to compare or for details and download if all fails then you might need to reinstall windows save all your stuff on External hard drive, skydrive ( ) or something then reinstall windows if you need a disk get one from a torrent or get one here way cheap: (black Friday special if you hurry) if that fails then you need a new disk drive I know it sounds complicating but i'm telling the truth there are lots of things that could be wrong if your CD drive won't read blank disks usually a reinstall does the trick but all i can say to you now is... ,

    good luck!! :)

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    If you have any other types of unwritten CDs laying around the house, try writing them. If they do not write too then it is probably your CD writer (dusty lense or something) but if the other CDs works then I would return these right away to where you bought them from. Hope this solves your problem.

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    get a new burner perhaps. can the discs be read by another computer. Also try using end session, which seems to be more reliable

    Also you need to select the correct project to burn.

    select audio disc if your burning music to play

    select data if you storing files.

  • 1 decade ago

    Invest in a CD/DVD Laser Lens Cleaner, many times this will fix it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I had that same problem on my hp pavilion slimline. I had to reinstall the drivers for the CD-R burner.

    Go to your computers manufactures website they might and should have the drivers you need.

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