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what do you think of alabama and waht city is your fave?

i want to know why you like it and what city is your fave, if you don't like Alabama then tell me why not?. thanx

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    I love Alabama; listen to the song "Stars Fell on Alabama" by any number of artists and it'll put you in the right frame of mind.

    As for cities, Mobile is great, and so is Oxford/Anniston, Huntsville, and the state capitol Montgomery. Even Selma. Not to mention all the small towns here and there: Montevallo is beautiful--home of Alabama's only public liberal arts college), as is Harper Lee's hometown Monroeville. Springville has one of the best festivals in the South with its Homestead Hollow event. Guntersville is picturesque, Gulf Shores has the best beaches in the world (and I've been all over the world. There are none better than Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Alabama). Gosh, it's hard to pick a favorite, but I guess I'll go with Tuscaloosa. It's right on the Black Warrior River, home of the University of Alabama and Dreamland Bar-B-Q. It was once the state capitol and has some old ruins and lovely parks to enjoy. But the best part of Tuscaloosa is its size. You have all the benefits of living in a city--shopping, restaurants, movies--but you never have to wait. In Birmingham--another great city, I might add--you'll wait an hour and a half for a table on a Saturday night. But in Tuscaloosa I don't think I've ever had to wait.

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    I LOVE Alabama! Mobile is my favorite city because of it's history and beautiful location. Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico are fantastic places to live by. Never boring. AND the people here are fantastic. True southerners, can't beat' em.

    Source(s): Born in Alabama, raised somewhere else and back in Alabama now to stay.
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    I love Alabama because it's gorgeous in the northeast, and Anniston is my favorite place because I am a WAC veteran.

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    My favorite city is Montgomery, Al as it has all the features to be best city all the amenities places to eat , shop and sports facilities and Historical places to see.

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    I'm from Frenchy- McFrench Mobile, you so know where my vote goes. Birmingham's kinda cool, too.

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