Is Vancouver Film School really worth it?

I know going to this school isn't 100% going to make you a huge film maker but my question is it worth the money. Will it teach you the fundamentals and help you progress to the next level? Do the teachers know there stuff and available to help you? Is it worth all the loads of money?

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    The best avenue to finding answers is to direct your answers to the school, current students, and alumni.

    I'd urge you to research the school itself by going through their website, contacting faculty, and contacting alumni. The links to all of that are listed below.

    Also understand that no filmschool will really prepare very much for a career in the real professional industry. You may get some fundamentals in theory, but the industry runs mostly on personal relationships and what you have to offer when you do get to know people.

    The "next level" (after school) is really going to be up to you, and you really shouldn't wait until after graduation to start. Filmschool is fine, but while you're there, make the time to go out into the community to volunteer on indie projects and for working professionals in the area. Don't worry if the pros aren't doing narrative work. ANY real world production experience will show you how true professionals have to solve problems and what their days are really like. The school environment can be a little insulated to show you everything you really need to know.

    Is school worth the money? Well, you're the consumer and you need to know if the "product" you're buying is worth it for YOU. It's vitally important that you figure out PRECISELY what job it is you want to do in the film industry. Don't just settle by saying you want to be a "filmmaker." That's not good enough. Do you want to direct, act, produce, write, DP (Director of Photography), production design, sound, etc? Figure THAT out and then look at the schools to see if they have curriculum that can help you get where you want to be. Only YOU can decide whether the school will be worth the money you will be paying them. If not, choose another school or none at all.

    For the most comprehensive list of worldwide film programs available ANYWHERE (over 700!), go to and click on the Filmschools link at the top. There are currently 54 listings for Canadian schools.

    If you want to know what life is truly like for people who work in the industry, take a look at the book listed below. It will not only help you immeasurably before you go to school, but it will help put things in perspective as you consider your entire life.

    I'd also suggest you take a look at these two non-university programs that could help take you to the "next level" earlier than you thought possible:

    CFTPA (Canadian Film & Television Production Association) MENTORSHIP PROGRAM

    Our National Mentorship Program trains young people to meet the demands of this evolving industry.

    151 Slater St., Suite 902

    Ottawa , ON

    K1P 5H3

    Tel: 613-233-1444 x232


    Toronto Film Orientation Workshop

    This two-day weekend workshop is an introduction to the working environment of technicians in the Toronto film industry. It covers all aspects of on-set protocol, health & safety issues and basic filmmaking principles that all crew members must be familiar with. Successful completion of this workshop is a requirement for making an application for non-member status in IATSE Local 873.

    IATSE Local 873 - Training Centre

    1315 Lawrence Ave. East , Unit 104

    Good luck!

    Brian Dzyak


    IATSE Local 600, SOC

    Source(s): Vancouver Film School 198 West Hastings Street Suite 200 Vancouver, British Columbia   V6B 1H2 Canada Tel. +1 604-685-5808, 1-800-661-4101 (tollfree)
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    No film or TV school is worth the money. Even graduates of USC and NYU in film and TV usually cannot make careers in those overcrowded fields.

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