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Choosing a good cologne for high school boy?

I am in high school and am looking for a cologne that will please the ladies. I need something that smells great but is not too overpowering. I have heard that Polo Black is good, but is it better than the other Polos? Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Polo is alright. But what ladies really dig are European Colognes. It is more dimensional and sophisticated. I currently own 10 European colognes recommended by my co-worker (cologne selling specialist), female co-worers, and friends. European colognes also lasts a lot longer and it is definetly not too overpowering. Here are list of all 10 colognes I own.

    Lacoste- Essential: My very first cologne. Apple like smell and very multi dimensional. Great casual cologne.

    Gucci- Gucci: Very sophisticated. Spicy and gets people's attention right away. Perfect to wear it to parties or any social occasion.

    Dolce & Gabbana- Light Blue: This is summer cologne. Very fresh and water-like. Girls love these.

    Armani- Code: This is one of the best cologne. Can wear it any occasion, smells sexy, and ladies cannot get enough of it. Best seller for 4 years straight.

    Versace- Pour Homme: Very citrus and fresh. You can wear it casually and it smells the most different amongst my collection. Again, ladies love it.

    Bvlgari- Soir: This perfect for party. Very sexy and gets center of the attention right away. Gives you that mature image too.

    Dolce & Gabbana- The One: Vanila like fragrance. I wear these when I go to church or meeting my familes. It is not an attention getter but it is very smooth.

    Givenchy- Pi Neo: Pretty much same with The One. My mom's favorite.

    Prada- Amber Pour Homme: Powdery and grape like smell. Perfect for just going out.

    Chanel- Allure: Very sophisticated. Chanel Men's colognes are very underrated. Smells fresh and. bit citrus but yet very sophisticated

    Also, try to get gift set. Price differences are like 5-10 dollars but you get after shave and body wash as well. If you want a smell that lasts all they, try to lair them with using body wash, cologne, and after shave and people will ask you what you are wearing.

    Source(s): My humble opinion/Cologne lover.
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    ****I am in high school and am looking for a cologne that will please the ladies**** LMAOOOO!!!! Hahaha. That's hilarious

    If you want something classy and one that every woman loves. I'd say you go for Aqua De Gio. Giorgio Armani!!! It smells really nice. Even though, it might be a bit old. It's always a favorite of the ladies.

    You want casual. Then pick up a bottle of Fierce, Proof, Or 41 from Abercrombie and Fitch. You also have the option of Jake from Hollister.

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    Mmm I love Polo Black and Polo Blue.

    But Polo Black is kind of overpowering.

    Axe is really grossly overpowering so don't get Axe.

    I would recommend Polo Blue. If you don't want it to be that strong, just use less of it!

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    Don't get Abercrombie or Hollister... they make you smell like a 12 year old girl... Which is nice if you like that sort of thing. But they other ones are good.

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    Fierce By Abercrombie & Fitch

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    I would definitely say any Hugo Boss is nice, if you want to go something cheaper LYNX always smells good :) good luck pullin the girlies :)

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    well this from a girl view but kenneth cole black, dolce and gabbana in the black bottle and good old curve is always good . especially dolce and gabbana , its liquid pantie dropper not saying you should do that though

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    anything Polo.

    never axe.

    i shudder at the thought.

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