Style + Volleyball + Glasses??

Ok i need glasses, i cant wear contacts, and i cant have normal glasses for volleyball. Any glasses that are cute that i can wear while playing. Links would be great.


ok yeah.. but i need ones that are cute and look good not dorky

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    The traditional sports eyewear (plastic and silicone goggle-looking getups which strap around your head) is pretty ugly in my opinion, but wearing it makes you look pretty darn hardcore, and they do come in a lot of colors. Google "Rec Specs" to see examples of this type of glasses.

    Personally, I was never that comfortable wearing rec specs. If I got hit in the face the entire force of the impact got funneled onto the bridge of my nose (ouch), and if I didn't have the strap cinched tightly enough the glasses would slide down my face when I got sweaty. However, my problems may have been exacerbated by the fact that I was a scrawny twelve year old when I wore them and they may not have been small enough to fit my head properly.

    But anyway, you're not limited to goggles when you select sports glasses as long as you get something that's shatterproof, not metal, and without sharp edges or small pieces which can break off. If your glasses don't come with a strap that goes around your head to prevent the glasses from flying off, I recommend buying one separately. Before buying anything, make sure that your team/league doesn't have any rules that might limit your choices. For instance, the team that I coached this fall was not allowed to wear anything metal in their hair, so glasses had to be made of plastic.

    I always get my glasses from the site EyeBuyDirect because they've got a good selection, great prices, considerate customer service, and their website has a tool where you can try all the glasses on your own picture. They don't have tons of sports glasses, but what they have seems fairly stylish - way better than rubber coated goggles:

    Several of these are shown as sunglasses, but when you check out you get to specify which lenses you want, including the prescription and whether you want them to be tinted or clear.

    Here is a different site with a wider variety:

    Hope this helps! Have fun out there!

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    no it's not true. It's just like saying you won't grow as much if you do gymnastics because if you want to become a great gymnast you need to be petite. Certain body types are better for certain sports. If your 15 and are 5' 7" you have the body type for volleyball and if you just started puberty then you will probably grow 3-5 more inches. I'm a volleyball player and i am short. I am a setter. Also, different positions need different body types. Setter, you can be tall or short. Blocker needs to be tall. Middle-back can be tall or short. And guess what! Spikers can be tall or short. My friend is a spiker and she isn't even five foot. Spikers don't depend on height. They depend on technique. In volleyball camped we practiced spiking technique while on our knees while spiking the ball over the net. When you spike it you jump but of course if your not tall enough your not going to spike it straight down because it wouldn't go over the net. Your going to hit it using the technique and your height as an advantage. Sports really aren't about height, they're about skill

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    If you play indoor volleyball there are special goggle like glasses that you can wear during a game

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    Your name doesn't suggest if you are male or female. Nor does the picture. However, Cool Oakley style , close fit wraparounds should look ok. If they are fitted with the right lenses they should look great any time

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    challenging subject. look into in google or bing. that will can help!

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