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Strong painkillers.....?

I've been having bad period pains and taking strong painkillers 500mg, 65 mg caffeine,2 tablets, and i've taken 4 doses today, one dose i accidentally took 2 hours after my last dose (its meant to be every 4 hours), i also haven't eaten very much today, and i feel so sick... do you think its because of the painkillers?

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    you definitely need to eat with painkillers, i assume you are using paracetamol? it should say on the packet "take with or after food", or something along those lines. if you take them on an empty stomach it can irritiate its lining. if you are really suffering with pain, my doctor advised that i take 2 paracetamol, then 2 hrs after that 2 ibuprofen, then two hrs after that, 2 more paracetamol, and so on and so forth whilst you are still feeling pain. paracetamol and ibuprofen are safe to take together and actually help each other work better. i've been having really bad period pains and taking painkillers this way has helped me a lot. hope it helps you if you try it :)

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    i spent a week in the hospital after having knee surgery, and they were giving me 3 types of painkillers, the first was a Morphine drip, second was Oxycodone every few hours, and the third was Asprin. needless to say I don't remember a thing about being in the hospital

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    Definatley. You have to line your stomach when taking painkillers. Paracetamol are the kindest to your tummy, so they're OK when you've not really eaten much or have a sensitive stomach.


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    Do not take aspirin as they actually harm the walls of your stomach. You can get proper medication for period pains called mefenamic acid.

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    oh yes... no offense to pharmaceutical products. but all pharmaceutical drugs have side effects. especially Anti-biotics. that's why it's called, ANTI-BIOtics. (Anti = against Bio = life). most pharmaceutical drugs DO cure your sickness/pains... but it does affect other parts in your system. Try drinking herbal products. Herbal products don't usually CURE your sickness. But it boosts your immune system way up. Besides... Prevention is better than cure.

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