What do you need to have for a BA stereo system in your car?

Yeah, I got this Dodge Durango and its stereo system absolutely sucks! The only speakers that work in it right now are the tweeters. I need to know what I need to get to make a bad *** stereo system. Do I need amps? subwoofers? how many speakers? and should I put in tweeters? Also, what brand and type????

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    Get a really good head unit, i would recommend Pioneer or Alpine personally because I know they are typically "built for ipod" with the right accessory. Try to avoid moving parts on the head unit because we all know that moving parts tend to break. Next get 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer that you have personally listened to <u>and</u> like! Consider your own price range accordingly and keep them consistent with each other. don't go cheap on one end and expensive on the other. I would suggest only 1 subwoofer to save money as bass frequencies are non-directional, as in you won't be able to tell the difference between left and right balanced bass frequencies. e.g. 5.1 channel home theater systems, i've never seen a 5.2 or 7.2 home theater systems before. A BA system will require quality wires, and yes they do make a difference! Lastly depending on the power needs of your sub, a capacitor may be a good idea so the sub won't draw power directly from the battery or alternator. A capacitor stores up electrical charge and releases it in quick bursts, depending on when it is needed (http://www.electronixwarehouse.com/education/acces... A 4 channel amp may be ideal for you cabin speakers and a separate sub amp for the subwoofer.

    Here is a diagram for setting up your system (http://akamaipix.crutchfield.com/ca/learningcenter...

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    Well start with the head unit. That's were everything gets the signal from. Then to the amps. One 4 channel for the speakers and then one or 2 mono block amps for the subs. Get a component system for the front. If the back already has component speakers get the same as the front. If not get 2 ways speakers. Make sure that the speakers rms matchs the amp. Rewire all the speakers from the amp to there locations with like 12-14 gauge wire. run the RCA wires from the headunit to the 4 channel. Then find subs that you like and get a box that fits you car. Run power to everything with at least a 4 gauge wiring kit. Look at crutchfield.com. They have online assistance.

    Source(s): Crutchfield.com
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    the variety R's are stunning guy! at first your pal wasted 3000 by skill of paying for that each and every person at ultimate purchase. you may persist with one manufacture..flow with kickers..alpine..or rockford. in case you want to overcome your friends 12's get kickers! that's my set up... 2 10" alpines variety r's one thousand mono amp alpine componet spekears w/4 channel amp alpine head unit all alpine guy..look on line for stable fees..

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