The terrorist attack in Mumbai India?

Weren't we supposed to have taken care of this by "fighting them over there"?

And doesn't this serve as an example of why our intelligence agencies should be getting the resources to infiltrate, spy, and kill these people? That was one of the major contributing factors in the cold war that led to the demise of the Soviets, and its what Israel did to the Palestinian terrorists after they killed the Israeli olympic athletes.

Spending hundreds of billions of dollars in invading countries only to inflame world hatred of us, and inspire more terrorism is a failed policy that hopefully our new President will do away with.

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    You are not going back far enough in history. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict goes back even further in history. History of that region of the world has had many conflicts (between ancient Israel and the Babylonian Empire, Assyrian Empire and the Egyptian Empire, and between Greece and the Persian Empire). These are historical facts from which we can learn, but as you state we are not learning.

    Another historical fact is that the US had two wars in the early 19th century in North Africa (The First Barbary War 1801-05 and the Second Barbary War 1815), so American intervention in the Middle East is nothing new (unless one is unacquainted with history-and most Americans are not knowledgeable about history).

    You are also overlooking economic factors in the demise of the Soviet Union. The US used to subsidize grain exports to feed the Soviets. You rightly point out US military intervention abroad, but you don't mention an unseen facet of American foreign policy--American foreign aid (non-military and military-weapons, intelligence, etc.).

    You also overlook that the US maintains military bases in over 100 countries around the globe, subsidizes American companies, and "friendly governments" abroad.

    These are issues only one presidential candidate mentioned during the last presidential election cycle--and it wasn't Obama or McCain. It is the policy of the Warfare/Welfare/Statist (Republican/Democrat) party to continue an interventionist foreign policy.

    You seem to have a lot of hope for the President-Elect, but I believe almost all Americans are gullible, ignorant, and naive about what presidential candidates say to get elected. I would like to make a few points:

    1) He voted for continuing funding of the Iraq War and the War on Terror.

    2) He voted for the revised Patriot Act.

    3) He voted for the FISA Amendments.

    4) He wants to redeploy troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.

    5) He supports Israel.

    6) He voted for the bailout.

    6) The Vice-President-Elect Biden voted for the original Patriot Act, the Iraq War, and the bailout.

    I suggest you read the following:

    Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy by Murray Rothbard

    Blowback-Chalmers Johnson

    This doesn't seem like a hopeful start to "change we can believe in."

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    Prayer is the place all of it starts off and that's what each and every physique can do Its no longer that persons are purely praying interior 3 hours of the blasts, long queues of blood donating volunteers have been considered outdoors extremely some hospitals, the place a great style of the injured have been admitted. by ability of 12 hour of darkness, the wellbeing midsection had to concern a notification that blood banks have been complete and that they did no longer require from now on blood. i'm happy with the way the mumbaikers have dealt with the region. somebody tod me that day after at present, attendance at colleges and workplace grow to be close to to a hundred%, trains & buses have been packed to the brim, and the crowds have been back.God Bless Mumbai flow Mumbai flow

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    What about it?

    No, this is a different terrorist group altogether.

    No, that doesn't have anything to do with what's currently going on over there.

    No, the mass media outlet is what has 'inflamed' world hatred of us and our new President will not fix it.

    **Side note: Maybe you could read some books instead of watching television all the time.

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    They probably think it's worth it for the oil! Bush and his mates can retire very rich.

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    yeah,but blame bush

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