How does progressive, in Cincinnati, handles the insurance claim (on hit and run incident in a privaparking lo?

Will my premium go up if the other car isn't identified? I do have a comprehensive coverage on my car.


I have collision coverage and also have $500 deductible.

I was thinking if I can add about $200-$300 more to the deductible and do the repair directly by going to body shop instead of letting them know and having my premium go up and resell value of my car decrease.

Only if the premium won't go up then I'm willing to call them.

Update 2:

I've been with 1 year with this insurance company and this will be my first claim (if I choose to file). My 6 months term recently started which I've already paid in full.

Update 3:

There are following items listed in my insurance policy summary.


Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bi

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    Best thing to do is get an appraisal of damages. Since you have a $500 deductible (anyway), if the damage is only $800-900, you'd be better off to pay for the repairs yourself - and maintain your "claim free:" status.

    In some States, Progressive has a "diminishing deductible" and THAT would also change if you made a claim.

    Does your State offer Uninsured Motorist coverage? Sometimes that coverage has a $250 deductible which might be worth looking into.

    Someone stated that comprehensive coverage is what would cover your loss, and that is just plain WRONG. In fact, some companies have started calling Comprehensive coverage, OTHER THAN COLLISION (OTC) to help with the proper determination.

    Good luck with your decision and I hope this helps!

    Source(s): Independent insurance agent for 28+ years (contracted with Progressive)
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    Comprehensive coverage would not cover this. That coverage is for things like animal hits, hail, theft, falling objects, etc. Unless your car was hit by a deer or hail, it would be collision. The best way to get the correct information is by calling the Policy Services or Underwriting department with your insurance company. In most cases, premiums are raised more because of having an "at fault" accident. But they also are looking to get back the money that was paid out under your policies. So it's hard to know if/how much your premiums would go up. Either way, you shouldn't/won't be found at fault for an accident where your car was parked and unoccupied.

    You could go to a body shop and ask them to write you an estimate. If it's much more than $500, I would recommend reporting it b/c keep in mind, it's only an ESTIMATE. It could go up once they get the vehicle torn-down and get a better look at the damage. Technically per your policy, you're required to report the claim to your insurance company. And this is why we have insurance so we don't have to pay for things like this out of pocket. You're already paying premiums for the coverage, why not use it? Hope this helps.

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    Actually, in the case of a hit and run on a private parking lot, your comprehensive coverage is what will cover your damage.

    Collision coverage is used when you're involved in an accident. Comprehensive is used when something happens through no fault of your own that damages your car.

    Progressive will send out an adjuster who will determine the amount of the damage. After they investigate the circumstances of the damage, they will pay out the adjuster's assignment of damage amount - less any deductable amount you have.

    Depending on your type of policy and how long you've been with Progressive, as well as your claims history, you may or may not see a premium increase beginning with your next six-month policy term.


    Source(s): While the "agent" below has this interesting view of what parts of a policy pay out, you'd be interested to know that if you hit a deer in the road, the damage to your car is covered under your comprehensive policy, whereas if you swerve to avoid the deer and wreck the car, your collision policy covers the damage. In other words, as I said above, "...Collision coverage is used when you're involved in an accident. Comprehensive is used when something happens through no fault of your own that damages your car..."
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    Comprehensive isn't going to get it for you. You need collision coverage as that is what your claim is. You probably have collision. Since your collision was a hit and run and that vehicle cannot be found, your company will respond to your claim subject to whatever collision deductible you have. Your premium may go up if your company does not practice accident forgiveness.

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    You say you would be willing to pay $700.00 to $800.00 to pay for the repairs yourself. Why even have insurance if you want to be self insured? surely any increase won't be a total of $200.00 to $300.00 ? Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. If you have insurance use it. if you don't use it, drop it and become self insured. BTW. Comprehensive claims are not surcharged and sometimes (not always) collision claims can be surcharged. Your claim here would be covered under collision and NOT under comprehensive.

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    Instead of getting peoples guesses.....Call them.

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