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Are we witnessing the "counter revolution"?

Our founding fathers fought a revolution to free us from a tyrannical government..fought for INDIVIDUAL freedoms, responsibility and viewed a big government with disdain and contempt.

We NOW have a HUGE government that does whatever it can to MAKE individuals dependent ON the government..who has no problem with chipping away the Constitution they have sworn to uphold..who will try to destroy the 1st Amendment with the fairness doctrine and will soon close down churches if the Pastor preaches the bibles Word when it comes to homosexuality, abortion and many more things which will become "hate speech" are we NOW seeing the "counter revolution"....and will there EVER be a revolution to set it right?


Bruce J...please use this definition of counter:

coun⋅ter3   /ˈkaʊntər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [koun-ter] Show IPA Pronunciation

–adverb 1. in the wrong way; contrary to the right course; in the reverse or opposite direction.

2. contrary; in opposition (usually prec. by run or go): to run counter to the rules.

Update 2:

Raw Fury....nope, not a closet boy..sorry do disappoint..but you are the perfect example of why I oppose the moral decline of our country..your contempt and hatred toward God and filthy language is what is sending this country into the black hole that its decending to...illegal wars??...has you nasty keyster been kept safe since 9/11???....think its an accident??...think maybe our enemy had a taste of our military strength and decided it wasn't worth it??? tell me genious, what do you think the result will be when Obama turns this nation into an Obamanation and cuts our miltary and weakens it??....I NEVER report answers or questions..I truely DO believe in free speech...but your answer came very very close to even MY limits...

Update 3:

Raw Fury...I hate to break THIS to you....but your god already lost...

Update 4:

Son you're are following a just don't realize it...I hope you don't mind if I say a prayer for you..and take just a little time and think...think of why you are so filled with hate and live in the most blessed country ever known to man..and you're filled with hate..wonder why...think about it...and may God soften your heart and open your eyes....

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    Yes indeed this is the counter revolution and No I don't believe it will ever be righted again. So Sad!

    The only hope for mankind is and always has been Jesus, all else will be caught up in the deception and control and swept into the great tribulation & ultimately hell.

    There is still time for individuals to take control of their lives by giving their lives to Jesus, He is the true author of freedom and knew this would all come to pass.

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    I think to a certain extent - Yes. Think about it in generational terms. The 'counterculture' kids grew up to become hippies turned yuppies.

    Many of their liberal socialist views are still embraced. It started with Johnson's Poverty stuff. Generational welfare is a big issue that can't be resolved but you can't legislate the decisions people make. It's like you can't make a law against making stupid decisions (i.e. have more children when you are on welfare; have 10 children by 4 different fathers; etc). So, now it's generations looking for the government to take care of them from cradle to grave. It's a different situation for those who have some disability come upon them suddenly and they are placed in a bad predicament. But, the ones that just look for something for nothing has grown big time.

    I think the idea of 'hate' crimes is ludicrous. If a person murdered someone for any reason that is unjustified whether it was for a robbery motivated by money or because he or she is a hater of a particular group, they should be equally punished. There should be no degree of separation of the underlying crime. All of these issues are addressed by existing criminal law - i.e. assault; battery; rape; robbery; etc..

    I think things would have to get completely down and out (i.e. a great depression with no government food lines) before the 'natives get restless' and a revolution were to happen. Most people are just to busy in their lives with their daily routine to get involved with the political world with any degree of deep thought or attention. But, if the people were hungry enough they might take notice.

    BTW: I'm glad you liked the 'Pilgrim's in Reverse'. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving day.

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    To raw fury, If you do not believe in GOD, then I hope you do not get caught up in his wrath, you will not like it. I assume this guy has not a clue, how sad!! To answer your question, YES, its all in the Bible, everything that's happening now, Do not understand when its right in front of these peoples faces, how they can not believe, Just read a Bible that was printed 100 years ago, and see that's its all happening now, How do you explain that raw fury? from 100 years ago. I continue to pray for our nation, I remember when slick willy was downgrading our military, and did nothing from the first attempt bombing at the world trade center, Its like all the bumper stickers I see 911 was an inside JOB!!!

    God bless America

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    The dummying down of America may have been competed with this last election. Many of those people who voted for Obama did so out of emotion for change.

    What they failed to grasp is that his ideas were from long ago during the FDR presidency, and are not new. Spreading the wealth is Marxism, and will not work. What really angers me the most is that it was the democrats who are responsible for this crisis. They say it’s the deregulation that caused all this to happen. No it was the lack of enforcement over the existing regulation by Frank and Dodd, who said that everything in the banking community was cool and just doing hunky-dory. They lied, and got away with it.

    I blame the public schools, and the media for putting on such a dog and pony show for the public.

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    The deviant counter culture spawned in the '60's is making inroads into traditional American vlues. Homo marriage is only the tip (excuse the pun) of the problem. Wait soon we will see plural marriage, man-boy marriage and other forms of deviant behavior looking to be institutionalized just to make these perverts feel "normal".

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    The tyranical enemy is in fact a set of elites within our own nation -

    Although you and I come from different nations --- our elites are friends - our super rich families go across the border with ease inter marry and well ---like each other just fine

    Canadians and Americans --- are friends - so I a simple non rich bas--rd Canuck can expect to talk to you a Joe Blow American with minimal resistance --

    The masses that came over here (The Dominion of Canada ) were raised with Lords and Sir's our elites came with us --- a store was set up and Hudson Bay corporation began with a Royal decree and began massive expansion backed up by regular British soldiers --

    The Empire expands the Armed Forces of the Empire move in --- trade follows the flag they told us all - while promising land to peasants from the mother land - so take up that flag and march

    Time went on and the Yakee's rebelled - Idealists in the US --- and not enough of them could be owned ---by rich people who had yet to find their pecking order in the 13 colonies

    Your rich people had too many idealists among them and soon peasants got idea's -- Your rich people ended up getting mad at our rich people - The King was the richest and everyone should like hoim the most --

    Rich people gathered into camps - Canadians peasants happy to have land milked their cows - American peasants gathered eggs - people talked endlessly about their biggest fears --- like snow and drought - freezing to death and other important stuff

    Your rich people and mine fought --- they declared war - and we all took up the gun

    Rich people yelled - the Yanks are coming for your land

    Rich people to the south screamed --- the King has been stealing your money --- Imagine - if we told you what to do and NOT the King

    ------ The Generals got the "word" from their rich people -

    British Generals and American Generals --- gave each other a couple of days to go home and gather up their forces - as they were having tea togther at the time - and swapping stories about sea sickness and the fact that the Americans could grow limes and other tropical fruits and of course who was cheating on who ---

    Peasants and others were scared - The war killed many people at a time when combat was hand to hand --- the last of the Napoleonic battles were fought here on this continent

    Lines of men guns large sticks and a row of cannons -- death was gruesome and personal back then -- hence the "honor" of all those rules both sides obeyed without question not believing any other reality of war could take place amongst "men"

    It took Canadian peasants and workers close to 100 yrs to get over that -- we were still looking south to that big danger of losing our land well into the 1st and 2nd war

    Your rich people and mine had moved on quickly after the war --- no where near as many of their family members had been hacked to bits by a stray cannon ball and left with gang green in the mud as "other " peoples had --- The Americans still have the slightest anti Canadian xeno phobia we do about them --- They armed the crap out of themselves until they forgot about the concept of a superior force out there ---

    Now our rich people would like us to all forget about that rubbish --- it was a long time ago - The rich people who keep sending us off to war to get killed in horrible ways -- get along so well

    We are going to become one nation --- and use the Amero -- or they will kill you --- and already they have told some of the servants they have --- look things are bad and we are going to be doing some changes around here

    And so we want you to possibly beat and jail any of the peasants who don't go along with our idea's --- the soldiers are for us this time

    Your rich people and mine have become the same group and -- so it isn't about Canada and America any more -- No no that is old stuff !

    Its about lining up as one family united by one super rich incontental rich group - and if you don't like that YOU are the new enemy

    And rich people told us we would lose our land if we didn't fight the anarchist who hates us and then they told us that if they win we would lose our freedoms --

    Trade follows the flag --- so pick up that flag and march

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    I love you Christian Types... Got no problem with Illegal wars, and the Death Penalty.. nope, but god darn it them two boys Kissing over there...well that's the end of the world isn't it.

    Anyone that fervent about Gay rights and Lifestyle, is hiding a secret desire for Cock...

    Happy thanksgiving Closet Boy

    edit: funny how close to homo that was eh'? Safe since 9/11? news flash, 9/11 happened on Bush's Watch.. Obama, Obamanation? Don't worry..he's one of you and you don't even know it, He'll withdraw from Iraq and push into Afghanistan?????

    no for you simpleton, as long as we're engaged in killing brown people, you and Folks like you will feel safe... so I think that ultimately Obama may end up being a very popular president because Most of the U.S. is so completely vapid and drugged out on sugar and prescription meds... that as long as he can resurrect the economy we'll go right on killing children and building empire...

    you are the enemy, and your GOD is dead, dead as the soulless indifference you represent.

    see you in hell good German.

    edit: My God ? ... you missed the point.. no surprise, there is NO GOD!.. Just ask the 1.5 Million Dead Iraqi Civilians.

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    Absolutely, granite is taking over our kitchens.

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    i like what jcpnum4g... is saying.

    I Cr 13;8a

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