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What is the most famous cricket game ever played?

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    5th ODI Aus V SA, 2006 Best ODI ever (Aus 434-4, SA 438-9)

    2nd test Eng V Aus, 2005 Eng win by 2 runs

    2nd test Ind V Aus, 2001 (Win after following on)

    3rd test Pak V Eng, 2000 Eng win in the dark in Karachi

    WC Semi Aus V SA, 1999 Tied semi where Donald gets run out

    4th test Eng V SA, 1998, Atherton V Donald

    3rd test Eng V Aus, 1981 Botham's match

    1st test Aus V WI, 1960 Tied test

    Adelade test (I think 4th) Aus V Eng 1932-33 height of bodyline

    Only test Eng V Aus, 1882 Birth of the Ashes

    Many others

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    Australia v West Indies at Brisbane, 1960-1. The first tied Test.

    Australia v England at Adelaide, 1932-3. Bodyline bolwling almost caused the cancellation of a tour, and a split in the ICC

    India v Australia at Kolkata, 2000-1. India won the match after following on.

    England v Australia at Leeds, 1981. Botham's Ashes. England won after following on.

    Sri Lanka v Australia at Lahore, 1996. Sri Lanka came of age in the big league by winning the World Cup, and ODI cricket exploded in Sri Lanka

    India v West Indies at Lord's, 1983. India's World Cup triumph. Cricket has never been the same in the sub-continent since.

    Australia v India at Sydney, 2007-8. Another infamous match which almost saw the cancellation of a tour.

    South Africa v England at Centurion, 1999-2000. The first Test in which innings were forfeit, later revealed to be part of the match-fixing ploys of Hansie Cronje.

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    Probably the first ever tied test match in 1961, between Australia and west Indies, with an Australian batsman being run out as they went for the winning run. Or the Headingley 1981 test, where England won from a nearly impossible position after following on, with Botham making 140 not out and Dilley getting 56, then Willis taking 8 for 43 to bowl Aussies out for 111 and win by 18 runs.

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    England's 1932–33 Ashes tour of Australia. It was the Bodyline series and had so many ramifications for cricket and the modern game.

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    The tied test ( # 1) between the West Indies and Australia 1961

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    One of the recent one's that comes to mind is the Aus Vs SA, i think Australia scored some 400 something runs and South Africa chased it down and beat them. That is a memorable game. There was around 900 runs made that day!

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    what about the Aus v SA ODI where each team scored >400 runs. Definitely one of the more famous ones in recent history.

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    A test match between pak vs india when ANIL KUMBLE take 10 wickets against pakistan

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    AShes test which england win by 1 run or Highest run chase by SA

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    For me the most memorable match was the 438 game between australia and south africa...;)

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