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Does a Isim card work for a Sidekick 2008?

My friend bought me a sidekick from the USA, and we decided that we wanted to give the Isim card a try? So i just wanted to know, is anyone out there that has the Sidekick and uses is not in the USA with a other sim card, does it work?


I tried to watch the link, but it doesn't work for me :S

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    You will have to get the SK unlocked in order to use a sim card with the phone from another carrier.

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    hi. T-cellular does not even launch the sidekicks. :-( no count if it have been to be unlocked it does not artwork on strengthen cellular. comparable with will get that unlocked no count if it won't artwork on strengthen.Why? because of the reality strengthen runs on CDMA community and those 2 telephones you suggested run on GSM community. it truly is incompatible & might by skill of no skill artwork.

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