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Braves’ new big three?

JoJo Reyes. This guy is so good. Looked at him study under Tom Glavine and learning all Tom’s move. In the end, he even rejects Tom’s teaching and he is totally big shot in Atlanta.

Charlie Morton: This guy is just copy of John Smoltz, all he has to do is learn sliders and splitters increase 3 miles on his fast ball, gain 30 pounds of muscle, grow some beard, get rid of some hair. He is totally a new Smoltz.

James Parr: The first time I saw him, he is just old Maddux reincarnated. It is just his fastball is a bit straighter, change-up does not really have much bite and control is a bit off facing a more strict home base empire. If Bobby set him up against all the big strike zone empires, he will win 355 games in no time.

2009, the big three plus JJ and Campillo, Braves will have no problem in the toughest division in NL. Go Braves go.


Grrr.. Why people understand Corky Miller jokes but not mine?

Corky just as promising as these guys. :)

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    Sorry your joke didn't work out for you.

    I liked it...

    I actually saw one question refer to Jo-Jo Reyes and an answer said

    "First of all, his name is JOSE Reyes and he plays on the Mets"

    If your team isn't big and shinny, no one really knows about them.

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    Okay JoJo has honestly had enough chances and him or Morton could be traded away.I havent seen the Parr kid but hopefully he is as good as you say he is.Campillo and JJ are returning this year and the barves hope to sign an ace and a veteran in the offseaseon or by trade.So i think we will be looking at is



    3:who knows???


    5:Maybe Hampton if we resign him,it would work out great bc he says he only wants a one year deal.

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    i have to disagree with you. Jo Jo reyes has been terrible in the majors, and james parr hasnt beenvery good either. Charlie Morton however, i like watching him. And dont forget jair jurrjens, that kid is an animal. And again diagreeing with you, corky miller is terrible. That kid flowers is tearing up the arizona league right now, he is goign to be way better then corky.

  • I would have to believe this is sarcasm; otherwise, you have no clue. I have seen Reyes and Morton. They stink. The way you're describing Parr is probably accurate. He stinks also. This is a team that could approach 100 losses if it doesn't get some help.

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    Dude no. If they land Peavy without giving jair and/or Hanson. Then that would be a big three, Peavy, Jair and Hanson, but you can't compare them to the 90s Braves big three.

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    I never heard of these guys man. JoJo i did but not the others sorry but no. You had your chance in the 90's like us and we did something with it.

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    And then you woke up from this dream!

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    dream on.

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