Why do the Syrians say that Lebanon is still part of Syria?

Ok I know that Lebanon became part of Syria because of the Ottoman Empire, and even after Lebanon became a state, Syria claims that the Lebanese are still Syrians, but aren't they Phoenicians originally? Ancient Phoenicia and Modern Lebanon are in the same area in the Middle East and by themselves so shouldn't Syria realize that Lebanon was never really part of them?

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    Lebanon WAS part of Syria. That's true,.....as also Palestine and Jordan.

    That was called Big Syria.

    But if they think that Lebanon is still part of Syria, then.......they are dreaming.

    France tried to form an independient state although they didnt want to leave it . They liked to stay in that land and to have it, but lebanese pple wanted to be free. Finally....the french agreed and after a time they left.

    Anyways...Syria thought that after almost 30 years being inside Lebanon, they would anex it back to Syria........but again......lebaneses and the rest of the world said NO .

    Lebanon is a young country as someone here said. Is young as a state.....but not as a nation.

    Lebanon is named many times in the Bible........and wasnt named as Syria.....was named just as it is called today. LEBANON

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    Lebanon was never part of Syria that we know today. in fact Greater Syria was used to name an area and not a country. the same way we use the word Europe or Africa.

    Source(s): Fakhr el Din II, Bashir Shihab II, Lebanese Moutasarifiya....
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    Syria wants to weaken Lebanon

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    i heard that lebanon was part of france when a sudden earthquake/tornado combo dislocated lebanon and sent it smashing into the middle east in its presetn day location.

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    Because they're confusing the historical region of Greater Syria (Bilad al-sham) with the Syrian Arab Republic, Lebanon was never part of Syria (as we know it today) and never will.

  • Well, Lebanon is a fairly new country so it is most likely to be from Syria.

    Although i am not Syrian or Lebanese, i read this article that said that Lebanon was named the New Syria. Plus, I must admit their accent are very similar and the way they look. Its just the fact that Lebanese were the first Arabs to travel the world (There first visit was America). Which made Lebanese look less Arabic than they should be (coloured eyes and coloured hair). Which made the rest of the Arab world mix in too. But there is no proof that Lebanon was never really part of Syria.

    As for me, i'm just an Arab, I don't support my country whatsoever and i'm not a nationalist. Although people love to call me English, i always feel proud to be called an Arab.

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    i am syrian and iv NEVER heard that syrians say that lebanon is part of syria!!

    i love syria and i think that lebanon is a very nice country...i went to beirut and i love lebanese people, but i don t understand why some lebanese people hate syrians..???

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    Because they are greedy people just like Israel. Hezbollah are their puppets. Ahmadinejad and Assad are the masters of Nashrallah and Hezbollah.

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    even though i m not lebanese or syrian, but i didn't ever never hear syrian say that.

    all what we know from history that all those countries was called in old tomes bilad el sham

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    Lebanon is Lebanon!

    Lebanon is 10,452 km² and will always be!

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