Converting large files (movies) to be played on my Archos player?

I have a 30gb Archos player and have sent most of my movie files with no problem, however a couple are too large and so i need to convert them before i send them to the device.

Does anyone know a good program for this?


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    1 decade ago
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    I use Nidesoft video converter I need to convert the video format, its conversion rate and the effect is very good, it supports many video formats at the same time be able to convert video formats, but also good service after the letter. Affordable.hope it can help you!

    Free download here:

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    I'm not sure which formats the archos supports but I'm guessing mp4 and wmv at the very least; use Any Video Converter - free here

    add your file, select "customized mp4" or "customized wmv" from the profile menu and click encode; that's it. You can adjust settings for resolution and bitrate from the drop down menu too - see here

  • Right
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    1 decade ago

    Just use windows movie maker and lower the quality or make it a mpeg 3 file finalize it and your set.

  • 3 years ago

    From my journey with computers i detect it greater suited to transform video clips making use of living house windows Media participant (WMP), as this way you do not would desire to receive any courses on your computing device. to try this open the video report you prefer to transform making use of WMP, then click report, save as and save the report with .avi or .wmv on the top. Then detect the report on your computing device making use of living house windows action picture Maker and optimistically it is going to open. desire this has helped! :)

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  • use FormatFactory , simple , fast

    if you have some ripping to do go with Handbreak DVD ripper

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