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.44 Magnum VS .45 ACP?

Which round is more powerful? A .44 magnum fired from a a Colt Anaconda or a .45 ACP fired by a M1911?

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    The 44 magnum wins hands down.

    The a typical full metal jacket 230 gr 45 acp travels 830 feet per second with 350 foot pounds of energy at 25 yards;


    The 44 magnum with a 240 gr bullet travels at 1,542 feet per sec with 1,267 ft lbs of energy.


    And with the 340 gr Buffalo Bore 44 mag +p+ it has 1,600 ft lbs of energy.

    So you can see the 44 mag leaves the 45 ACP in the dust in power.

  • Matt M
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    44 mag for sure.

    The reason can easily be seen when looking at velocity, pressure, and case volume for loadings using the same weight of bullet. The 44 mag beats 45 ACP for each. Its velocity ranges due to bullet weight but most loads are above 1200 fps. 45 ACP is usually under 950 fps. Most 44 magnum loadings are around 35,000-40,000 copper units of pressure while 45 ACP is more like 15,000-20,000.

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    44 Mag Vs 45 Colt

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    I would go with the .45 because you can carry more rounds in it and it has proven stopping power with manageable recoil which would be important in a home defense situation. If you don't plan on using it as a carry weapon, get a full size (Government) or 4" (Commander) model because that extra weight really helps with the recoil. If you live in an apartment, attached condo, etc. then the Magnum becomes a little more of a liability because there's an increased chance of killing your poor neighbor if you miss. The Magnum has more stopping power but the .45 ACP can still get the job done. I doubt you'll ever be outgunned against your typical home intruder thug. For ammo, the Hornady TAP-FPD line of hollow points are pretty good. Besides reliable expansion, they have a special powder that's designed to minimize muzzle flash which, as someone else pointed out, can be important at night. Federal and Cor-Bon are also good rounds. I've heard mixed reviews of Remington Golden Sabre. Stick with cheaper FMJ for practice and get the higher end hollow points for home defense.

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  • larry
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    Of course the 44 Magnum wins this contest. However, the large caliber of the 45 ACP and penetration of the FMJ RN bullets, have gotten it used perhaps with very white knuckles, illegally on African big 5, just to show what multiple hits with it can do. There is no documentation of this, as nobody wants that sort of evidence showing up at sanity hearings!

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    You are comparing apples n oranges. The .45 acp is a slow, fat personal defense round (no matter what you shoot it out of). The .44 Magnum is a fast, hard-hitting hunting round. I'd go with the S&W either the old Model 29 or stainless 629 rather than the Anaconda with was not made to Python specs and is therefore an 'inferior' revolver. Between the two I'd go with the .45 acp for personal defense from two-legged predators and the .44 Mag. for hunting or defense from 4-legged predators.


  • Anonymous
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    44 magnum, hands down, even thoug it is really a .429 diameter projectile while the 45 acp is really .454

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    44 Magnum.*

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    another way to look at this is other then the velocity of the round the .45 acp is a much bigger slug there for will leave a bigger hole in ur target

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    what s a bigger shell the 44 or the 45?

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