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近來可好? 真的很抱歉,過了這麼久才寫信給你們,想到聖誕節將至,因而提起筆寫張卡片祝福你們,希望你們一切安好


Joan, 我有記住妳的話,我很努力改變,希望自己能夠不怯場,能夠大方的面對人群說話,謝謝妳的鼓勵,我永遠都不會忘記的,我也一直都有在複習英文,我很害怕英文會退步,雖然英文沒有很好,只會一些基本的,但還是會再努力進修英文,我和Ly一直有連絡,偶爾會通信,她也告訴我,她覺得她的英文似乎退步了,所以我鼓勵她,她也鼓勵我,上個月我生日,她還寫信祝福我,我真的很高興有她這個朋友,雖然不同國家,語言也不相通,但卻是真心對待彼此的好朋友




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    How are you recently? I am sorry for not writing to you for so long. I am writing this card to wish you a merry Christmas since it is approaching.

    I resigned from my previous job. I am preparing for a national exam now, which can offer government jobs. Even though I don't know whether I can get a job, I am trying my best. If I don't get an offer, I will look for other jobs

    Joan, I remember your words. I am trying to change myself, trying not to be timid and talk publicly with confidence. Thanks for your encouragement, I will never forget. I keep reviewing English and I am afraid that I will forget the majority of the language. My English is not that good, and I only know the basics, but I will keep studying English. Ly and I still keep in touch, we write to each other sometimes. She told me that her English ability is regressing too, so we encourage each other. Last month she wrote to me to wish me a happy birthday, I am very glad that I have a good friend like her. Even though we live in different countries and speak different languages, we treat each other with hearts.

    Ronnie, thanks for your map. Without the map, I can't travel anywhere; and with your good interpretation, I didn't get loss. I still regret that I did not say goodbye to you on that day when I left for Taiwan.

    It is winter in Taiwan. It rains a lot, and I am afraid of the cold. I got a cold not long ago, but recovered already. I am taking good care of my health.

    I miss you, Joan and Ronnie. I miss the well-prepared meals, miss the days in Brisbane. I wish I can go there again, then I will go to visit you definitely.

    May everything go well with you!

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    Kehao recently? Really sorry, but it has taken so long to write to you, think of the approach of Christmas, which was Tiqi Bi cards you wish, I hope you all well

    I had to resign, I am now ready to test the country, plans to test for public office, although do not know can not be admitted to do so, but will do our best, if not admitted to also find the work of the

    Joan, I remember you, I would be very hard to change, do not want to be able to stage fright, and generous to people in the face of the words, thank you for the encouragement, I will never forget, I have been in English literature, I am afraid of English will decline, although not very good English, only some of the basic, but will continue to pursue further studies in English, and I Ly has been contact, occasionally communications, she told me she felt her English seemed to regress So I encouraged her, and she encouraged me, my birthday last month, she also wrote a letter wishing me, and I am really happy to have her friends, though in different countries, language is not the same, but it was a sincere treatment with each other Good friend

    Ronnie, thank you for your map, in the absence of that map, then I have no way to find their way around, you have a good explanation, I will not get lost, I am very sorry, back to Taiwan the day, and did not face-to-face You say good-bye, which has been the regret of my heart

    Taiwan is now in the winter, often rainy, cold weather, my cold, the flu has also recently it! But now healed, I will take care of their own care more physical

    Joan is really good and miss Ronnie, miss a rich meal, or miss the first day of Brisbane, if one day be able to again returns to visit, I will be looking for you, hope you all well, bless you All the successful peace

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