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我有一篇文章,是有關於Guidelines 的英文,誰能幫我


-Use color conservatively

-Limit the number and amount of colors

-Recognize the power of color to speed or slow tasks

-Color coding should support the task

-Color coding should appear with minimal user effort

-Color coding should be under user control

-Design for monochrome first

-Consider the needs of color-deficient users

-Color can help in formatting

-Be consistent in color coding

-Be alert to common expectations about color codes

-Be alert to problems with color pairings

-Use color changes to indicate status changes

-Use color in graphic displays for greater information density


出自於人機介面設計(Designing the user interaction )

Update 2:


Color can

-Soothe or strike the eye

-Add accents to an uninteresting display

-Facilitate subtle discriminations in complex displays

-Emphasize the logical organization of information

-Draw attention to warnings

-Evoke string emotional reactions of joy, excitement, fear, or anger

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    -單色的1 的設計
















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