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Can you prove that Texas should be in the Big 12 title game WITHOUT?

Can you prove that Texas should be in the Big 12 title game without proving that Texas Tech deserves it over you?

Strength of schedule eliminates head to head with 3 way ties.

For the record I am not a Oklahoma or Texas Tech fan and I truly feel sorry for Texas but they lost the most important game on their schedule.

P.S. I will say that home and neutral field makes a difference but not by a 31 point margin so that argument is silly and frankly a little dim witted. The only way you can split a 3 way tie in sports is points AKA plus minus in games played in the tie OR body of work and both Texas is clearly inferior at.

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    If Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State, and OSU has a chance to win that game, then Oklahoma should go to the Big 12 championship game.

    Those who say that Texas should go because the Longhorns beat Oklahoma miss the issue of three teams beating each other. So, Texas should go to the Big 12 championship game because they beat the Sooners. No. If that is the case, Texas Tech should go the championship game because they beat the Longhorns. No. Because if head-to-head is the defining criteria, then Oklahoma should go because they beat the Red Raiders. But, head-to-head means that Texas should go because they beat the Sooners. And, this loop plays eternally. So, we have to throw out head-to-head, since Team A beat Team B but lost to Team C and so forth, making head-to-head comparisons useless.

    Here's how I see it...

    Texas beat Oklahoma and, in turn, was edged by Texas Tech. Texas Tech needed a late touchdown to down Texas and was blasted by Oklahoma. Oklahoma destroyed Texas Tech and was solidly defeated by Texas. Because Oklahoma has the biggest win, of the three teams, they should go to the Big 12 championship team, if they beat OSU.

    And, if the Sooners lose to OSU, Texas Tech goes because of their victory over Texas....

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    OK this is the straw that broke the camels back. How is the cotton bowl a neutral site for Oklahoma. Where is this stadium located? Both teams need to take turns making this a home game. Tell the cotton bowl to jump. Both schools could make more money. The only way to solve this is a playoff which Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma would play. After this season providing some of the most competitive it is sad that the Big 12 South could be decided by people that have no interest in these teams.

    • Idiot, Arlington is actually closer to Norman, OK than Austin, TX. The fact that it's in Arlington, TX is irrelevant. There are plenty of Sooner fans in the Lone Star State and they fill their half of the stadium.

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    SOS is an interesting argument. Texas had the tougher in conference schedule, but OU had a much tougher out of conference schedule. If it were up to me, I would have OU in the championship game simply because I do not like rematches. I also think they are the best team.

    As for answering your question, the only way I could argue that Texas should be in the championship game is the tougher conference schedule, but I would only make that argument if I were Texas fan. I like Mac Brown and all, but not enough to throw logic out the window, and put the best team in the game. I like the way the Big 12 does it, with BCS ratings, which OU will most likely be ranked ahead of Texas with a win against OSU, which isn't a given.

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    If you look at the body of work that is comprised if each teams season, and the results of that season Texas is the superior team over all. To penalize a team' entire season because of one bad play, late in a tough game is completely stupid.

    There is no disputing the fact that Texas Tech beat Texas on essentially one play late in the game. However, Texas also came into a very hostile environment after a series of brutally emotional games, in environments that were just as tough, and lost a very close game. The same can not be said for Texas Tech.

    I am sure that most rational people will agree that Texas could have won that game if it were played later (or earlier) in the season at the same venue.

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    Texas is on a roll top now. Their protection is style one in the country. Colt McCoy's passing proportion is around 72%, he has 23 TD passes. I understand Nebraska has a solid D, yet I do basically no longer see an disillusioned. Mack Brown is a superb coach. He prepares his group properly and that i do no longer think of there'll be a enable down through fact in the event that they win against Texas A&M and Nebraska they'll play for the BCS Championship. PREDICTION: HORNS 40 5, HUSKERS 20.

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    I can prove it easily enough. The Big 12's rules - which all member institutions were well awafe of at the beginning of the season - state that the tie breaker in a three way tie is the BCS ranking as of 11/30/2008. If Texas has the highest ranking they are the representative from the South. These rules are documented here:

    There's your proof.

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    I hate Texas along with OU, USC, Nortre Dame, and OSU*. But looking at everything involved, I believe that Texas is the best of the three.

    When looking at potential National Championship matchups, if Florida is in it, Texas will give the best game. OU will choke as usual in the BCS and Texas Tech will be manhandled against Florida.

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    Well.. Texas lose to Texas Tech.. but they beat OU, a team that thoroughly destroy texas Tech.. So I think Texas is deserving because they Beat OU,. Right???

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    When OU wins big against OSU, the computers will jump them up over Texas and it won't matter what people think anymore.

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    USC-Florida is the true ultimate matchup. Shame it's so unlikely.

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