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Jobs that involve astronomy and stars.?

i'm only 13, but when i grow up i want to be something that has to do with stars and astronomy. can anyone tell me what kind of jobs there are?

thanks so much :D


i'd rather do something that is like actually looking at stars and finding them and things like that rather than teaching the subject.

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    Astronomy isn't just about teaching, you can teach astronomy if you want to be a professor but if you just want to be a astronomer with a degree and apply for the job you can. I'm 14 and I want to be an astronomer, astrophysicist or a cosmologist. But to do the degree, well in the UK you need good maths good science and fairly good English to take the space science course or astronomy. Some people think that astronomy is just teaching but its not, if you teach then that makes your name change to a professor if you have a PHD in the subject you teach instead of being a Dr-(surname)

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    Well, if you want to be an astronomer and teach college and/or do research in astronomy, you'll need a PhD in the subject. That would let you do original research, so you could get a job at a college or university (teaching and doing research), or NASA, or a national lab. With only a masters degree, you might get hired as a research assistant (although most of those jobs go to grad students), hired to work as a telescope operator at an observatory, or you could teach high school or community college. With a bachelors degree, you could teach high school in most states, or work at a museum or planetarium.

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    heehee this is a question from 5 yrs ago and now im currently 14 and ran across this question... its like im u from five yrs ago ^_^

    i want a job that has to do with stars and astronomy too :) and these answers helped me a lot.

    ur around 18 yrs old now yeah ? i hope u made/will make it into the course u've wanted :) good luck for the future too

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