Why is the American Thanksgiving held on the fourth Thursday of November?

Why is the American Thanksgiving Holiday held on the fourth Thursday of November every year?

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    To answer this question it is important to answer another question, "Who was the first President of the United States?....."

    Most people would say that is was George Washington, but they would be wrong. George Washington was actually the 8th president of the United States. He was the first president under our current constitution. John Hanson was the first president of the United States and he was elected in 1781. Mr. Hanson did several things while in office. First he created the Presidential Seal, or Great Seal of the US. Second, he created the first US Treasury Dept. Third, he created the first Secretary of War position. Fourth, he created the first US Foreign Affairs office. And last but not least, he declared that the fourth Thursday of every November would be Thanksgiving Day, which was later put into law in 1941.

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    Since being fixed at the fourth Thursday in November by law in 1941, the holiday in the United States can occur as early as November 22 to as late as November 28. When it falls on November 22 or 23, it is not the last Thursday, but the second to last Thursday in November. As it is a Federal holiday, all United States government offices are closed and employees are paid for that day. It is also a holiday for the New York Stock Exchange, and also for most other financial markets and financial services companies.

    So to sum it up a federal law fixed it at that date.

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    i think of it rather is because of the fact the Pilgrims had Thanksgiving with the Indians. The celebration replace into 3 day's long. Ever because of the fact that, we American and probably different u . s . a . celebrated. it incredibly is widely known in November yet it isn't the month the Pilgrims celebrated it. Hopes that helps!

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    Because of when the Indians and Pilgrims interacted.

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