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How far does the US dollar get you in Dubai? How much is a months rent for a standard one bedroom apartment?

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    Rent for a 1 bedroom apartment may be between Dhs 80K - Dhs 120K depending on the area and the building. In the UAE it's common to pay a year rent in advance if signing a annual contract.

    USD won't get you nowhere unless to the next money exchange place. The USD is pegged to the AED and therefore the rate of 3.67 does not change.

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    the exchange rate is AED 3.67 : $1 , but in real life costs , because the UAE almost imports everything , to be practical consider each AED 5 = $ 1 in purchasing ability. I am also saying this because people treat it this way. And here your change (after cash payment) is rarely returned if the amount left is less than AED 0.025.(7 cents). Should the government decide to unpeg to the $ then the purchasing power of AED will increase (to (3.3 :$1) but for the time being it does not look like it ; the govt already said they wont do that ...

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    60 to 150 k depending upon the location. some hotel apartments are cheaper these days


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