What's a good beginner's guitar?

My 10-year-old daughter wants to begin playing guitar, and I want to buy her an acoustic. Can someone advise a good brand/style/kind of acoustic guitar for a beginner? I think an adult guitar would work fine for her, since she is 5 feet tall. Thanks!


Yeah...we don't have Guitar Center around here. I live in a small town in Maine.

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    i recommend going to guitar center and buying an acoustic guitar starter pack from one of these brands:






    the guitar center people should know what they're talking about and be able to answer any questions you might have.

    GC sells a variety starter packs that include the guitar and some accesories sych as a gig bag, strap, instructional DVD, picks, tuner, etc., ranging at about 200 dollars or less.

    and go ahead and get her a standard sized guitar. if she wants to play when she gets older she won't have to get a new one and she'll get used to the feel of a full size guitar.

    *tip-never buy a first act brand guitar.

    Source(s): i'm 13 and i started playing 2 years ago on an Ibanez acoustic guitar that has lasted me until now and should last at least a few more years for me. I love it and I hope she will too. Good luck.
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    washburn, epiphone and,kona, those are all good starter guitars for acoustic

    Source(s): play guitar
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