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Has anyone read the book the dead and the gone or life as we knew it by susan pfeffer?

don't read them the book is really interesting but the ending a dissapointer she never ends her books! you count on a sequel but no there isn't one she keeps on making non ending books. it will piss you off so don't read them if you already have leave me a comment on it as an answer. i am not reading another book by her again!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    The vast majority of customers reveiwing life as we knew it at amazon gave it very favoruable reviews

    The dead and the gone has a more mixed reponse

    The endings of many books are designed to leave you hanging in the air, wondering what happend. This serves two effects -1) thinking about the book and how the story might continue generally heightens the enjoyment of it and 2) it leaves the way open for a sequel should the other wish to write one

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