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Is Obama the whitest black we have ever seen in office?

Let's face it, he is now surrounding himself with mostly non-blacks who had some experience in other positions. He hasn't brought any of the Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton types with him along the way after election, and he has already broken his promise about raises taxes on the people who earn more than $250K yearly (which is smart not to raise their taxes) and he appointed Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense "Gates" he chose again...which is Bush's guy and he picked one of Ronald Reagan's guys..."Paul Volker" (81 years old) to watch over the financial crisis and the Treasury problems.

Are any of you who voted for Obama beginning to wonder if Obama simply used South Chicago and the liberation theology politics and Reverend Wright's church to get himself started and get financial supporters to help launch himself out of that part of black politics and get into the mainstream of America to where he really wanted to be?


"Mr. Lopez" - I like that

Update 2:

"The New Pink" - no when 99% of one group votes for a guy because of his color and not his policies, by that mere fact alone.........there are two kinds of thinkers in this country....the white thinker and the black thinker whether you like this fact or not.....sorry but the votes proved it and I wish it wasn't this way at all.

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    That's a really good question. I also like how you you don't differentiate between political perspective and race. It is as if they are completely integrated into one thing, in your perception of reality.

    To your second question: No.

    Wonderful insights.

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    It seems like eveyone who answered this question is plain idiots..... What does race has to do with anything? regardless if he's pink, white or green, what has george bush done 4 this country beside put us n a recession? OH YEA AND HE"S WHITE!!!!!! WOW. Stop being so quick 2 judge some1 based on there race thats SO STUPID> give him a chance to do something for the people here. OBVIOUSLY he won 4 a reason cause people wanted a change!!!!!! I don't think he was elected just because of his race... If thats the case other's would have been had the opportunity to be where he is.... OBVIOUSLY JOHN MCcAIN wasn't the right one 4 the job...... START USING COMMON SINCE& STOP MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT RACE IT"S 2008. GET OVER IT>>>>

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    What on earth makes a black man 'white'?

    That's just about the most racist statement I have ever made.

    Being black is a genetic trait, not a state of mind.

    **Author- Sorry your theory falls short with me. I am white, and my 'thoughts' are color blind. I voted Bush, and Obama. Had Obama been white I would have voted for him, and had Bush been black I would have voted for him.

    Maybe in your eyes there are blacks and whites, in my eyes there are people, and no matter what the color of their skin, hair, or eyes, I judge them on their character and their actions, which have nothing to do with their skin color, good or bad.

    And had the whites, hispanics, etc. who voted for Obama voted "white" he would not be in office. And if your thought process were correct then "whites" would actually be the minority because the majority of the country voted for this man.

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    Your question is almost too dumb to answer, but here goes. President Elect Obama's administration is one of diversity. America cannot be the strongest and most respected country in the world by excluding certain members of our society. We must operate from a position of strength, and that means using all of our valuable resources, without thinking of race or creed.

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    The whole "I'm more black than you" thing has got to go. People's race is not determined by their politics. People aren't "white" because they have certain politics or views or values or beliefs. Is someone more "black" because he's a ghetto thugster who robs people, whereas the black man who's well-dressed and goes to college is therefore more "white"? This kind of thinking is racist and offensive. People get to have whatever views or values they want regardless of their race, and they are not "less black" if they are less of a criminal or a ghetto thugster.

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    Nope, I have saw worse. Like the mayor of New Orleans when

    Katrina happened.

  • If McCain was president and surrounded himself with black people you would all be like "Oh what a good man he is!" No racial discrimination. And there are people in Obama's cabinet that are black. Get a brain. And obviously most of your horrible grammar you are pretty much racist hmm?

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    So glad to see that America is still alive and kickin, as that is why

    we are able to express our opinions, even if they are incorrect and

    nasty without going to jail.

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    i think he used his harvard education, his experience in the senate and his ability to connect with over 66 million voters to get him where he really wanted to be.

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    Well he is half white. But white people just like pretend that doesn't exist and just call the mixed person black.

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