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The End of Woolworths?!?

Anyone think that they are Gona Close down?

i dont want them to cos i always used to go there When i was like 5 to get sweets :D

what do u think


No this is England

Where we still have this kinda stuff :P

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    I love woolworths I have many fond memeories of going into that store when I was a kid and it's been around for years.

    But I sad to say that woolworths is to close for good at the end of this year. Just like may other stores collpasing because of the credit crunch and global recession Woolworths and MFI are joining them.

    There are potential buyers to buy the stores now. Woolworths has debts of over £385 million.

    Another store set to close is MFI.

    Woolworths will be no more from the beginning of 2009.

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    Woolworths? Are you kidding? They died out in Canada 20-30 years ago if not

    I remember they used to have a lunch counter. The only store I ever walked into with a food counter back then! LOL

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    Retailers are having a tough time these days, so it's possible. (They closed in the US years ago. There was one around the corner from my house when I was growing up, so it was like losing an old friend, but I survived.

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