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British/American spelling?

i know colour and color

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    British English / American English

    catalogue / catalog

    dialogue / dialog

    connexion / connection

    practise / practice

    criticise / criticize

    harbour / harbor

    organise / organize

    cheque / check

    travelled / traveled

    tyre / tire




    cancelled/ canceled

    jewellery / jewelry

    theatre / theater

    centre / center

    litre / liter

    honour/ honor

    programme / program

    metre / meter

    neighbour / neighbor

    aeroplane [aero = "air" in Greek]/ airplane [originally uses the Greek word "aero" meaning "air", but later on, used the English translated word instead. ]


    "-tre" & "-our" words in British English were remnants of Old Normandy French that was required usage by William the Conqueror starting from the year 1066. That's 942 years ago?! Shouldn't Britain start adapting the American English spelling instead of using an outdated spelling system modeled on Old French? And I thought we are now in the 21st century?

    There's also different words, which has the same meaning:

    bonnet/hood: part of a car in which you open to see the main parts of the automobile/car.

    boot / trunk: the end part of a car used for storage.

    macintosh/raincoat: In American usage,

    a mac / Mac / Macintosh is a brand name from the Macintosh computer, which is still produced & manufactured by Apple Computers, Inc.

    tory / truck

    queue / line

    chips / French fries

    crisps / potato chips

    bobby/cop: both refers to slang words for "policemen". The word "bobby" is from "Robert Peel". The word "cop" comes from "those copper badges worn by sheriffs" in olden days.

    In American English, Noah Webster took out the u in most -our words because by the time he edited his dictionary, those words had changed pronunciations from the original British pronunciation, which still retain the Old French spellings.

    Compare some words taken from

    Old French vs. Modern French vs. [American] English:

    colour / couleur / color

    honour / honeur / honor


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    How about Leftennant (eng.) and Lieutenant (amer>) There are hundreds of words that we use and spell differently that the English. As Winston Churchill once said "England & The United States are two nations separated by a language".

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    The most common differences are:

    -our, -re, -ce, -xion, -ize, -ogue endings in British English are often changed to -or, -er, -se, -ction, -ise, -og in American English. Examples on this are colour or honour to color and honor, theatre to theater, advice to advise, connexion to connection, monologue to monolog.

    Other words:

    UK - US

    aeroplane - airplane

    **** - ***

    cheque - check

    cosy - cozy

    doughnut - donut

    grey - gray

    liquorice - licorice

    mom(my) - mum(my) (as in "mother")

    mould - mold

    snigger - snicker

    speciality - specialty

    tyre - tire (as in "wheel")

    You can find a lot more on this on wikipedia: but these are the ones my teacher was most adment about.

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    Yes, there's also favorite and favourite. Then there are completely different words; their word for truck is torries. Also instead of practice, they write practise. Of course chips in England are French Fries. Theatre and theater.

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    contained in the U. S., we are saying Zee for Z, and in England, Canada, Australia, NZ we are saying Zed. contained in the U. S., we are saying "spelled", contained in the united kingdom, they regularly say "spelt". it is purely between the adjustments in English which happen, regardless of if i need to allow you to recognize that i hit upon the adjustments in community Russian, and the adjustments between Parisian and Quebecois French to be purely as tricky. perfect desires.

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    English | American

    Colour | Color

    Favourite | Favorite

    Honour | Honor

    See full list here:

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    basically any word that ends in OUR in proper English. The Americans have dropped the U...not sure why.

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    I'm Canadian so here goes off the top of my head:

    neighbour and neighbor.

    cheque and check (like checking account)

    tyres and tires (canadians use tire)

    burrough and burrow

    thats all i got right now

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