Does 18" rims will fit a 1995 honda del sol?

I want to buy these wheels, but I was wondering whether they fit my 1995 honda del sol. I am not going to lower my car. Please click the link to see pics. Thanks


It's a 4 lug.

Update 2:

18x7.5 4x100 ADR wheels

Tires : Nankang NS-2 215/35/18

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    they will 4x100 is the lug pattern for a civic/del sol

    18's will look big on the car

    i would reccommend 15's or 16's

    rota makes nice wheels for honda's.

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    Yeah those rims will fit your ride but your gonna have to consider buying a camber kit in the very near future cause they are going to have a lot of negative camber, which means they,ll be riding basically on the inside of the tire most all of the time. In like 2 to 3 months you'll have to replace your tires. So if you do decide to get em save your self the money and get a camber kit shortly after putting those wheels on

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    Yes, they will, but 18's on a Del Sol make the thing look like a donk sitting on 24's. They're way too big for a Del Sol IMHO, your handling will suffer and your car will ride like crap. I wouldn't put anything bigger than a 16 on a Del Sol, and give it a bit of a drop. That will make it look, ride, and handle better.

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    dude... grab the measuring tape, and see how much space you got. don't forget to add a few inchs for the tyre

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    That would be like polishing a turd………

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    does it has four logs.?

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