For all you survey takers out there...whats the catch?

Okay, so I'm a stay at home mom and I was looking for ways to make some extra cash from home. Online I stumbled across the idea of taking surveys. I've heard of this working for some people and I thought, okay...I can voice my opinion for cash and/or prizes, no big deal. Boy, was I wrong. The first "survey" that I actually had time to complete (or so I think I completed) was a huge ordeal. For $1000 walmart gift card I was supposed to...

-answer coke or pepsi, which took me to

-select the following "optional" offers that you would be interested in...

-so I selected one and continued

-select from some additional offer that I was interested in

- and I skipped

-Complete any two offers and then I would receive my free gift card

-so I completed 2 offers (knowing that I could cancel them later) but paying a small shipping fee or activation fee of a couple bucks

-go back to pick some optional offers screen

- 2 more completed offers to continue

-4 more completed offers to continue

-back to the option offers screen

...anyways this 3 ring circle continues for another 2 HOURS and I look up and this "survey" has led me into opening 8 additional tabs that all led to dead ends in the button pushing. So what happened? Did I spend $15 bucks in registering for 15 products/services that I'm just going to spend another 2 HOURS in a couple days canceling (to prevent further charges)? I didn't seem like I really got any free gift card, or whatnot, after all. I missed out on 2 hours of playing with my son with the idea that I was going to voice my opinion and make some money. Sorry for my venting. I guess my questions are...

-Is this a common problem that anybody else has come across?

-Is there really a survey company out there that you actually can make money/prizes from?

-Or if this is the way "surveys" really work is there a button pushing method that gets you the prize/money with minimal time spent? (after all there is a reason I decided to stay at home with my son, to spend more time with him)

Any help or advise would be much appreciated! Thanks

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    Sadly you didn't take an online survey. You were scammed by getting duped to subscribe to these offers. That company you went through gets a percentage of your subscription, registration fees, etc from their affiliate program they have with their clients.

    You could cancel but a lot of people forget and they pay up their subscription fee and that company you went through gets big bucks from thousands of people...

    A legitimate online survey company doesn't ask for money, doesn't ask people to register for products or ask you to subscribe to anything.

    All they do is send you surveys to take for a few dollars or reward points. You won't get $1000, nor will you likely get $100 per survey.

    Surveys that are completed give you a few dollars and for most people take months to get enough to payout.

    Try these two legitimate online survey panels.

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  • Amelia
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    1 decade ago

    I work and have a degree in the market research industry (which is the industry that puts together all of the surveys). I have seen some surveys on-line that promise a $1000 gift card to everybody who responds to the survey, and I can guarantee you that those must be hoaxes. Your answers are valuable to the company, but not that valuable. They may offer a $1000 gift card as a prize to one of the respondents, but it would not be worthwhile for them to offer that much money to everybody.

    What IS legitimate is when you fill out a short survey and then at the end a company offers you up to $100 or so to visit some place local and give your opinions in person. If you are a business professional, such as a doctor or lawyer, and it a survey that is related to your business, they may even offer you as much as $400 for something like that. In those cases, they need the doctors and lawyers, and know those people will not come in for less than that.

    Another thing that IS usually legitimate is if the company offers to send you a free product to test in exchange for getting your opinions on it. Companies do need to test market products before selling them on their store shelves. It is worthwhile for them to send out the product for free to people and then have them take a survey about the product so they know how people like it. I used to work for a company that did surveys for Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works, and we would send out bras worth up to $50 to women and lots of free Bath and Body Works prodcuts.

    A company might also offer you an incentive to stay on the phone or the internet to complete a survey then and there. Usually, though, they can find enough people to do that without offering too much of an incentive. If they do offer you an incentive for something like that, it will probably just be a few bucks, or bonus points that you can stack up to order a product on-line. They wouldn't give you any large significant sums of money for something like that.

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    100 % honestly , they are scams and you got taken!! This is EXACTLY how these things work!!! Learn your lesson and move on! Do not trut these to good to be true offers!!

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  • Rabbit
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    1 decade ago

    one piece of advice:


    dont ever ever trust them

    'theres no such thing as a free lunch...'

    ^^ its true!!

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