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is it likely that you can get HIV(aids) from a very very small cut from a knife?

it didnt really go into my skin just kinda grazed it and bleed a little bit.

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    only if the knife had fresh blood from a person infected with HIV on it when you cut yourself, or you held your cut onto the open wound of a person with HIV. clean it with antiseptic though to avoid infection

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    lol No!Sure wish the GOV would spend some money on education & awareness on HIV-AIDs!!!The HIV virus doesn't last long in the air.U should be worried about the hep-c virus as it is alot more virulent~Just clean it & forget about it eh!!!oh,Use a CONDOM if & When U have SEX!!!

    Source(s): me,myself & i,PHA HIV-AIDs education & awareness speaker fopr access aids sudbury/HIV+ 7 yrs & still NOT on meds.
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    Did that knife have someones blood on it that has HIV? if not your answer is NO!

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    only if someone bled on the knife who had aids beforehand and then it entered your cut

    Source(s): the definition of aids
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    Nope, it will only get infected if you don't treat it well.

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