GarageBand for WIndows?

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does anyone know of a program similar to Garageband for windows with an emphasis on live instrument recording
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Theres one called Acoustica Mixcraft, even looks like GB, but I think it costs $65. Get it here:

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this is the program i ended up using
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  • Terry G answered 5 years ago
    GarageBand and FL studio (Fruityloops) are similar programs both designed primarily for loop based music production. They can be used for live instrument multi-track recording.
    GarageBand is part of the Mac O/S while FL Studio needs to be purchased.
    Another similar program is Mixcraft. Can be used for loop based work or multi-track recording of live instruments. Also needs to be purchased.
    A free alternative is Audacity. A multi-track audio recording and editing program. It does not support loops but is designed for live recording.
    It's worth a try and might be all you need.

    Another more professional application to consider is Pro Tools.
    Worth a look. Depends on how far you want to go.
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  • Yahoo (C) Watchdog answered 5 years ago
    well theres all sorts of stuff, but Ill start you with the free stuff 1st.

    if you want to purchase software, Sound forge or fruityloops is good,

    but it you want QUALITY, Adobe Soundbooth (old cool edit pro, then it was Adobe Audition, now its Southbooth)

    $200, and if your a student, you can get it way cheaper.


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