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We are a family of, my husband, our son (4) and our daughter (18months). We have never had our photo taken together. Our children have only had one professional photo taken last year. Anyways, over the holidays we wanted to have our first pictures taken together, all different poses as well. The problem is they are so expensive so my sister is going to do them for us with our digital camera. There are so many photo programs out there we can add touches here and there and make them look just as nice. I am needing help though with one thing. What are some different poses we can do?? Any ideas??

We will all be wearing jeans and matching black tees. Much cheaper and easier that way. Also, they will be taken outside. Any pose ideas?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Tell your sister to snap photos constantly, the whole time you are all together-I think the best kind of "family portraits" are the candid kind-when you are naturally interacting as a family-laughing together, dad scruffing his son's hair, the baby reaching for her mom's face with the mom making a silly face....or playing with leaves together, etc...the kinds that really SPEAK of the relationship and bond you share as a family.

    But, if you are into posing, then have you and your husband sitting, leaning sort of on an angle in towards each other (DON"T have your husband sitting behind you-that's such a cheesy-husband-as-head of the home's really outdated), with the baby perhaps sitting on one of your laps, with your son standing between the other parent's having you on each side of the frame, it is subconsciously projecting this image of having you two framing and protecting your children-holding them between both your hearts...

    Also, don't worry so much about being wildly need for that. But, if you already bought them, it's fine.

    Source(s): I'm a professional photographer
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