If you had a chance to rewrite the laws forever...?

What 10 things would YOU change forever in this country?

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    1) End the false idea that socialism is legal under the US Constitution. (Farm subsidies, Corporate subsidies, affirmative action, social insecurity, free health care for all, etc)

    2) End the false idea the nanny state is legal under the US Constitution.(mandatory seat belt laws, mandatory no smoking laws, mandatory helmet laws, most restrictions on gun ownership, all mandatory food laws like no msg, no trans fat.)

    3) The false idea that Freedom of the Press means that newspapers may say and print anything about anyone at anytime without regards to the truth or the consequences of printing those lies. Which is totally unlike the legal fact that citizens themselves do not have the same protection. If a citizen makes a false statement about someone, they are held accountable by the laws of defamation. This is the only western country that allows the unfettered press the complete freedom of responsibility for what they say/print. In other democratic societies, you only have to prove that what was printed about you was false, in America, you have to prove them false and that the knew or should have known it was false.

    In 1964, The famous decision in New York Times Co. v. Sullivan once and for all created a national law which allowed the press the unfettered freedom to print false stories against newsworthy people and get away with . In its ruling, the Court decided that public officials no longer could sue successfully for libel unless reporters or editors were guilty of "actual malice" when publishing false statements about them.

    And just what is malice when it comes to proving libel? Retired Justice William J. Brennan, Jr., who wrote the Sullivan decision, defined it as "knowledge that the [published information] was false" or that it was published "with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not." In other words, public officials no longer could sue for libel simply by proving that something that had been broadcast or printed about them was false. Now they would have to prove that a journalist had knowingly printed false information while making little, if any, attempt to distinguish truth from lies.

    The Supreme Court later extended its so-called Sullivan rule to cover "public figures," meaning individuals who are not in public office but who are still newsworthy because of their prominence in the public eye. Over the years, American courts have ruled that this category includes celebrities in the entertainment field, well-known writers, athletes, and others who often attract attention in the media.

    The press is not in business to protect american liberties, it is in business to make money, therefore the ability of these jackals to print lies about someone, in order to increase viewership or readership so that they can increase ad revenues and profits should be restricted in the same manner that you or I are held accountable for what we say.

    The ultimate goal of the return of sensible laws in regards to the media is that journalism is once more put on the foundation of the truth, not biased political ideas of the journalists, so that the PEOPLE can know the truth about important issues and make important fundamental decisions based upon fact rather than political bias.

    4) The US Congress should be limited in pay to the average salary of the US Citizen. If the average salary in the US is $27k, then the next Congress shall be paid that amount for 2 years. If Congress does a good job and the average salary increases, then the next Congress would get a correlating pay raise. However, on the other hand, if they did a poor job, then the next Congress would get a pay reduction.

    This is opposed by politicians, because they REALLY like money, on several grounds. 1) that good people would not run for office because of such low salaries and 2) that the politicians would be more tempted to take bribes.

    Well, my response is simply this. First, many good people don't run for office BECAUSE of the trouble of raising such large amounts of cash and BECAUSE of the lack of class of politicians in general. Second, if the politicians are taking bribes, the way to stop this behavior is not to give them MORE money, it is to throw their butts in jail.

    5) You may not announce for candidacy, nor begin to raise funds for election or re-election before the first day of the calendar year of the election itself. In other words, instead of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton et al declaring for President 4 years ago and start raising money, they would be forced to wait until January 1, 2008. This would mean 3-5 months of primary battles and 4-6 months of general election campaigning. The refrain from the constant campaigning and raising of funds would lessen the amount of people totally turned off by our electoral process and may infuse new enthusiasm for becoming part of the system rather than just tuning out.

    It would also significantly reduce the amount of money needed to get elected or re-elected and allow more of the average people to take part in our system of government.


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    'This country' being the US?

    1. Amend tort law to remove litigation on the basis of the litigant's basic stupidity; removal of the ability to award punitive damages, counterbalanced by improved mechanisms and better resourcing to identify, regulate and enforce ethical busines practice.

    2. It would be illegal to construct buildings with revolving doors and shiny floor tiles.

    3. Healthcare reform to give access to free health care for all citizens.

    4. Severe penalties for repeat appearances on reality TV shows by talentless individuals who believe the evil fantasy that 'they can do anything they want' but show reckless disregard for their lack of any natural aptitude; mandatory counselling for parents who preach this falsehood to their children.

    5. Legislative recognition that the constitutional right to keep and bear arms for the purposes of maintaining a citizen's militia is not equal to 'guns for all' while acknowledging regulated firearm ownership for recreational and legitimate purposes by responsible individuals.

    6. Successful completion of a basic civics test as a prerequisite for voting.

    7. Removal of all 'three strikes laws', which remove judicial discretion and lead to desperate 'three-time losers.'

    8. Severe penalties for Hollywood movie producers that purchase the rights to a story then change half the characters, plots and the ending and pretend it's the same.

    9. Police jurisdictional reform to create significantly smaller numbers of police agencies by consolidation of city police and county sheriff departments into single state police authorities to improve police resourcing, training, consistent practice standards and public accountability.

    10. Legalised but regulated drug retail industry.

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    Finish with money

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