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Earthquakes and how they effect the earth?

Just tell me how earthquakes effect the earth please.

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    Earthquakes are caused when a fault ruptures and the two sides of the fault move with respect to each other. So the effect of the earthquake is to offset the two sides of the fault. In the long term the cumulative effect of lots of earthquakes on a fault segment is to move the blocks on either side either up and over (Thrust faults) or down (Normal faults)with respect to each other, or laterally in the case of strike slip. The amount of movement will vary from fault to fault, and some faults are active over a long period of time with large (100s of km) displacements, while others are shortlived, with only a little (cm or ms) displacement, and the whole range in between. Each earthquake rupture will allow a small amount of movement with the amount of movement being related to the earthquake magnitude. Even the largest quakes only allow about 10m of displacement along the fault. Generally thrust and strike slip faults have the most destructive (High magnitude) earthquakes.

    That is to say earthquakes allow the plates to move relative to each other. I have given you two good sites to learn a bit more about faults and faulting (which is basicly what an earthquake is).

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    Earthquakes affect the earth dangerously. If it always happens, its continuous shaking will then result to a massive destruction to us! It makes the ground crack and more prone to erosions.

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    ok....well there is hot melted magma underneath the earths crust and this moves the earths plates around because of all this movement earthquakes occur! thus creating huge cracks in the earths surface. or if its under the ocean it can cause a tilde wave like what happen in Thiland.

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    earth quakes are caused by black sabbath as they now use super high volume gear that shakes the whole planet, thats loud man.

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